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Train ads

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Train advertising & Railway station branding :

Outdoor advertising has always been a popular mode of marketing all kinds of products in India. One of the most reliable and mode having high reach among masses from multiple places and high ROI is the ‘Train Advertising’.

The Indian Railway Network is the most popular transit medium in all of the country and covers 67,956 kilometers, ferrying 23 million travelers daily. Therefore, the Indian Railways carry the legacy to transporting people through the length and breadth of the city. So, it is only evident that the railways have evolved as one of the most trusted modes of advertising in the entire country.

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The trains offer a multitude of opportunity to advertise brands. Local trains, express trains, semi-high speed trains, passenger trains, trams, monorail, etc. all are excellent mediums to build brand recall value. Therefore, with train ads you can build a target audience by choosing to brand in local trains, inter-city trains, and express trains. Thus with train ads, you can take your brand to people from all demographic backgrounds. So, you can engage in local, zonal and nation-wide branding campaigns with train ads.

Alongside these, major railway junctions and stations are also effectual advertising options to clock brand impressions. Therefore, if you are looking to build a balanced branding portfolio, coupling train branding with branding on the railway platforms yield constructive efforts.  Additionally, branding with the Indian railways gives an extra mileage to advertising campaigns as the Indian masses associate more with the legacy of the Indian railways.


There are several media options for advertising in the Indian railways. Some of them include:

  • Announcements over the radio in trains and at railway platforms,
  • Hoardings, posters, and banners at the platforms,
  • Digital screens like LED Panels,
  • Kiosks,
  • Advertising on the train route maps in the train compartments,
  • Demonstrations of the product samples,
  • Product sample distribution,
  • Pamphlet or leaflet distribution,
  • Exterior train wrap ad,
  • Posters and interior panels inside the train compartments, and
  • Branding at the entry and exit points of the railway stations like banners or standees.

So, build a long-term allegiance with consumers by investing in train branding. To learn more about train ads, log in to or chat with us at (+91) 99538 47639.

MyHoardings proudly announces having tie-ups with major advertisers in all corners of India, whether it’s Northern railways, Southern railways or North-East railways, we aim to provide best rates and prompt services to her clients. Contact us for any further queries for any kind of advertisement on Indian Railway stations, trains and Railway side paths across all major routes.