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The Dominant Billboard design !!

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Billboard and Hoardings,OOH advertising in India

Billboard and Hoardings

The Dominant Billboard design !!

Outdoor hoarding Advertising is the oldest advertising medium knowing to man having indication and creative essential character not available with other forms of media advertising.A blank easel measuring hundreds square feet can be an oasis of infinite creativity opportunities to design a strong and effective message of eye catching that will capture customer’s attention and avidity.

An advertiser can invest money in Rs. or dollar in the best signage,billboard location in the India and world but if the creative of any billboard is bad then so too will be the return on investment.
Here are some vital facts when designing an effective and eye catching billboard:

First is u need to Keep the copy line between 7 & 9 words.

Second is that use high resolution graphics to help tell your message.

Third is that use the correct size fonts and know when to use upper and lower case lettering.

Billboard advertising,OOH Billboards India,Outdoor billboards marketing
How billboards can help in boosting your business in India

Fourth is use contrasting colors.

5.Put a phone number to action and limit your contact information to only single source. Including like Address, phone number,email address and website is too much info and will clutter your message.

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