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Innovative and attention grabbing Billboard Ads in India

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Billboard Ads India

Billboard Ads India

Billboard Ads in India !

Billboard Ads are the oldest advertising medium knowing to man having indication and creative essential character not available with other forms of media advertising.

Here are some innovative and creative billboard Ads.

1. Kolestron Naturals billboard

This billboard execution was strategically positioned on a trip. This billboard had an unspoiled view of the skyline and sea behind it. The woman’s hair is die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Kolestron’s Naturals’ colors through the different phase of the day and night.


2. Razor Blade Martor

Again innovative billboard, enormously sharp razor blade, which can cut down the pigeon.


3. Ads

Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job.A great idea .

Jobsintown De Ads

4. Maker’s Mark billboard

Absolutely unique billboard.Winner of all liquor outdoor ads.


5.Slower is better-Elm Grove Police

May be a scientific and a creative way to remind people that slower is better than faster. There’s also Accident version and Chance Of Crush version,so enjoy these innovative Billboards.


6. Hot Wheels Billboard Ads

Perfect execution of the a brand .


7. Ford Mustang Billboard Ads

It is shown that, how to express speed on billboard advertising ? The billboard actually blurs and the scene behind it regardless of season, weather or day.

ford-mustang_Billboard Ads

8. Coca-Cola with straw Billboard

It’s a brilliant and innovative idea,adding a ladder to make this billboard advertising extremely beautiful and attractive also.

Cocacola Brand Advertising

9. Formula Toothpaste

Strong Teeth. Build strong teeth with Formula Toothpaste. Really it’s totally creative Billboard.


10. Mars Chilled with long tongue

super work on using 2 billboards to set up an innovative advertisement that’s never seen before.


11. Coca-Cola with Straw

Innovative idea! Superb…!

Coca Cola with Straw Billboard

12. Heineken Brand Billboard Ads

Do you know that, a small touch of creativity can change the entire impact, and this billboard proves it.


13. Cadbury Dairy Milk Billboard Ads

I want to explain how tasty your chocolate is? You don’t need to, just put a Big chocolate to make all passengers feel hungry.HaHaHaHaha…

Cadbury-dairy-milk_chocolate Ads

14. Frontline: Mall Billboard Advertising


15. Nestle billboard Ads


16. McDonald Billboard Ads

. An ancient idea can help to build a creative billboard ad,if you are creative enough.


Overall, general techniques used in producing creative billboard advertisement are to make the ads defies the rule of nature, If you scan though billboard advertisement showcased above,then you will notice that all of them are also quite funny billboard. Do you know anymore tip that helps to build a creative billboard advertisement?

Also, I believe these all creative billboard advertisement are just the tip of the iceberg. Actually, there are too many creative billboard ads in the world! Hence if you spotted one either on road, web or anywhere, be sure to share with us.

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