MyHoardings announces Restaurant TABLE TOP advertisement across 65000+ premium Restaurant tables in 8 Cities !!

MyHoardings introduce you to a brand new media – that is changing the landscape of BTL advertising.

Introducing – Restaurant Table-top interactive advertising

We are helping millennial-focused consumer brands promote new products & increase brand awareness by directly placing QR code enabled table-top advertisements across thousands of restaurant tables in key areas of metro cities.

Restaurant table top advertisements have proven to drive significantly better results compared to other alternate media. One of the key reason being, people spend anywhere between 20-45 mins with the promotional offer placed in front of them resulting in much greater engagement, recall & conversions.

Moreover, we also help our advertisers create QR code enabled CTA offers that trigger an immediate response, where people can scan the QR code on the spot and avail the offer being promoted immediately.

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It is a very effective way to acquire new customers, generate referrals, social shares, app downloads or just increased engagement & visibility for a new brand offer.

Some of the key benefits of Restaurant TABLE TOP advertisement are:

– High engagement & undivided attention
– 20-45 minutes of exposure time
– Interactive ads through QR codes
– Triggers conversation
– GEO targeted
– Affluence based targetting

About our restaurant properties:

We have a strong presence in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai & Bangalore followed with growing presence in 8 other cities.

Most of our properties have a minimum of 3.5+ rating with 2000+ reviews on Zomato – ensuring you get the best quality footfall. (More info on rate card) Here’s a sample list of our restaurant partners in Delhi.

Contact us at +91 9953847639 for details !! 

I’ve also attached a few docs for you to get a better understanding of how our service works.

Standard rate: Rs.60/Table/Day + GST (Varies based on customization)
Minimum order: 500 Tables for 15 Days or 250 Tables for 30 Days
Terms: 50% Advanced to book dates, 50% in 15 days of starting campaign (Includes printing and tent card costs)
Turn around: Campaign will go live in 15 days from the date of booking
Reporting & tracking: Weekly time tagged photographs are provided + QR code scan tracking report if implemented
Ad creative: Not all ads are accepted, we only accept visually desirable ads that are suitable to be placed in high end fine dining restaurants

Write us at or ping at +91-9953847639 for further details and exclusive quotes.


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