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Why Investing in Indian Tech start-up is best bet now a days?

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Investment with Indian Start-up

India is an awesome destination for tech start-ups. With initiatives like MAKE IN INDIA, being launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is attracting itself as an industrialized nation. There are a lot of innovation Centers and start ups coming up these days in this developing country. India provides a great eco system for tech start-up and in turn attracts investment from lots of Angel investors and Venture Capitalists. During the quarter ended March 2015, more than $1 billion investment was made in Indian tech start ups by various investors. Many investors are vying for a piece of share in growing tech start ups across India.

India’s e commerce sector is growing rapidly, catering to the daily needs of people. Indian middle class is ready to buy convenience, thereby contributing to the success of these tech based start up. The start-up industry in India is growing at double digit rates and new innovative ideas are popping up in the market every day. The market is expected to grown even more and it’ no doubt the best bet to invest in Indian tech start up now a days. The country is a hot bed for start up, an attractive investment option across APAC for the venture capitalists, angel investors and MNCs. The government of India is playing an instrumental role in in drawing prospective investors towards India, by letting the world know how India has evolved over the past few years.

The number of internet users in India shall grow to more than 500 million by 2020 and many start ups shall try and are trying to harness the potential of growing tech savvy population. This clearly makes an excellent opportunity to invest in Indian tech start up these days.


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