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Bus Advertising in Delhi

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Bus Advertising in Delhi. Get best offers on bus branding on DTC buses from MyHoardings. TOP transit media ad agency in India.

Bus Branding in Delhi

The capital city of a country as wide and diverse as India receives millions of visitors every day. Countless domestic and international tourists come to Delhi for varied purposes. Delhi is vast and its treasures infinite. From forts to minarets, museums to interesting bazaars, top-notch fine-dining restaurants to street food that can give the former a run for its money, Delhi is the heart of the country and rightfully so. It goes without saying that the metropolitan nature of Delhi, along with its diverse population, make it a worthy city to invest in when it comes to promoting your brand.

Bus Advertising in Delhi. Get best offers on bus branding on DTC buses from MyHoardings. TOP transit media ad agency in India.

Advertising your brand or company in Delhi will not only make sure that it reaches a vast but also a varied nature of audience, meaning an increased possibility of garnering potential clients. Given that Delhi is the centre point from where transport diverges out to different North-Indian, Western, and central States and within Delhi as well, bus advertising in Delhi is one of the best ways to promote your brand and make it reach a vast audience. Besides the fact that bus advertising in Delhi will pave the way to increased interaction of your brand’s profile and the people, there are a number of other advantages that this medium of advertising can hold for your brand, for example:

  • Increase in the Visibility of your Brand’s Profile:

Every day, thousands of people avail both intra-state as well as inter-state bus services in Delhi. Attractive advertising of your brand will help you expand in the market as well as carve your niche. Along with introducing the people to your brand, it also facilitates daily interaction with the brand’s profile for people who avail buses on a daily basis, which is a substantial part of the population. Repeated, daily visibility also allows increased active interaction with your brand.

  • A Reliable Medium of Advertisement

In a country like India, where people are yet to become entirely tech-savvy, it is a wise decision to invest in non-digital media of advertisement to help promote your brand. As a brand seeking expansion in the market, it should be a priority for you to reach potential clients and customers from all backgrounds. This is precisely what something as ubiquitous as bus advertising in Delhi does.

  • Wide Coverage Area

As already mentioned, buses from Delhi branch out to all states of North India as well as within the city. This ensures that your brand profile also travels across different parts of North, Central, and West India without any extra expenditure. Promoting your brand in the major ISBTs in Delhi also carries a lot of potential in introducing it to both local and domestic, as well as international travelers.

FAQ’s for Bus Advertising in Delhi –

What is Bus Advertising in Delhi?
Bus advertisement in Delhi consist of placing client ad creatives as wraps on external bus body. Considered as most prominent form of transit media advertising, bus branding can help brands enhance their visibility and boost brand value in Delhi.


What is the minimum number of buses required for Bus advertising campaign in Delhi?
Minimum number of buses required for AC Bus branding 1 and 10 for Non-AC buses.


Can entire Non-AC bus be branded with complete wrap?
The permission for full Bus Wrap advertising varies from state to state. Contact the number mentioned above OR drop email at business [at] to know more.


Is bus branding legal in Delhi?
Yes. Bus advertising rights in Delhi are granted by RTO department of State government to the Advertising Agencies in Delhi.


Can the ROI for Bus Advertising compared to other traditional OOH advertising mediums?
Bus Advertising help clients to achieve viewership from multiple locations in Delhi, which makes every penny spent on marketing budget count.


What is minimum campaign duration for Bus Advertising in Delhi?
Minimum campaign duration for branding campaign is 1 Month. For Non-AC buses in many states, it’s 3 months.


What are main components of mentioned rates for Bus Advertising in Delhi?
Total cost comprises of Bus rental + Printing Charges + Mounting Charges. Taxes are extra.


Are there any limitations on type of Advertisement to be displayed on Buses?
Ads need to be approved before going live. Ads promoting vulgarity and civil disturbance are strictly NOT allowed.