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Goutam Rakshit, the creator of the epochal Onida Devil, passed away

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Goutam Rakshit, the creator of the epochal Onida Devil, passed away

Epochal Onida Devil, Goutam Rakshit is no more !!

The iconic adman and brains behind the exemplary Onida Devil branding breathed his last yesterday in his Mumbai residence. Tributes from all over the media and advertising industry have been pouring in all day to pay respect to the pioneer in the fraternity. The cause of his death is yet to be estimated.

A graduate from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Goutam Rakshit later went on to become the founder and managing director of Advertising Avenues. He trained as a management intern in Cadbury in December 1971 after completing his management course. He then became Development Manager in 1979 followed by joining Clarion Advertising Services Ltd. (Bates India) in the month of February 1980.

It is during his service in Clarion Advertising that he established Advertising Avenues in 1982. He remained in charge of the advertising organization for four long decades. The primary focus of the adman was to help in the branding of start-ups and SMEs. As the resources of these small companies were too limited to hire huge advertising organizations, Goutam Rakshit gave their brands direction through elaborate branding. It is because of his indomitable support that many of these small brands have now flourished diversely to become major household names.

The adman is famous for his unique brand campaigns. His achievements include the production and designing of most of the iconic ads through the 80s and the 90s. Among these, his most remarkable campaigns are for brands like VIP Skybags, Skypak, VIP Frenchie, etc. But the one ad campaign that stands out the most among all is the one for Onida TV. He made the brand a household name with the designing of the epochal devil horns.

Later, the advertising fraternity elected Mr. Rakshit as the chairman of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) in the year 2004. The death of this stalwart certainly comes as a big blow to the Indian advertising industry.

Team at MyHoardings pay tributes to Goutam Rakshit !!