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Visitors at Srinagar Airport getting thrilled by First digital advertisement exhibition by Orango

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Visitors at Srinagar Airport getting thrilled by First digital advertisement exhibition by Orango

An individual has reached to moon, so how can the advertisement media may remain behind in this race. Not on the moon, but advertisement media has now reached to airports, and in this reference, Srinagar Airport has become the first one to launch out of home digital advertising and bring a new definition to OOH advertising.

With the help of Orango Solutions, now Srinagar Airport has such a wonderful medium of digital advertising. The facility, which we are talking about, had been launched by the directors of aforesaid Airport and Orango Solutions. Both the directors, namely, Sharad Kumar, director of Srinagar Airport and Navneet Singh Dhingra, director of Orango Solutions exhibit the same.

The Orango Solutions has become the first to launch digital advertising. The company was working hard for this achievement and won the media rights through a contract which is for a period of 10 years. The right was to place media advertisement both outside and inside the airport.

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The location of Srinagar Airport was chosen because of geographic location and corresponding advantages of the same. Navneet Singh Dhingra, director, Orango Solutions feels that Srinagar is a crown to India and he feels happy to serve the overall community.

On an average, Srinagar operates around 75 flights in a single day. Since there is a lack of proper well-structured railway route in Srinagar, mostly people travel through flights, so media advertisement at Airport has wide reach and it will be a successful way to reach mass people.

One of the Spokespeople of Orango Solutions stated that it is a proud moment as the Orango Solutions has become the first one to install first digital conveyor belt at Srinagar International Airport. The conveyor belts operate through digital video wall television.

By taking such a major step in digital advertising, it is looking like the global trends in digital advertising will touch sky soon.

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