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Top Five Reasons OOH Advertising Is Giving Good Fight To Digital Advertising

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The out of home advertising has reached out many people wherever they are, thus becoming a medium of promoting an ad that is has been preferred better than the digital advertising.


There are few things, which are taken into consideration for OOH Advertising – 

  1. Out of home media has become a major accessibility. These advertising come to the public when there are not at home. Newspaper, billboards, banners are the thing, which can be easy means of  OOH Advertising.
  2. The main advantage of OOH advertising is that it is associated with customers whenever they are out of the home. The consumer haves a look for the advertisement when they are out for shopping or travelling. Digital advertising usually promotes a product to the people through internet, mobiles, and various digital means where it cannot reach out to every people. Whereas OOH Advertising are spotted at every corner of the streets may be a public transport, billboard or banners.
  3. The companies promoting a particular product are large and have a good status. These companies prefer OOH advertising instead of digital advertising, e.g. soft drink companies usually advertises it product by placing a banner on the bus or a train, which is accessible to all when they are out of their homes.
  4. You can advertise your brand in many ways digital advertising can help, but OOH Advertising will surely make your brand more valuable. This allows the brand to be promoted at many places where people shop, travel or exercise. This will ensure that they can see the brand of billboards and banners or hoardings.
  5. Surely digital advertising will cost you less compared to OOH Advertising. However, the reach provided by both is vastly different. Digital advertising focuses on a specific client base. On the other hand, OOH focuses on the broader client base. This allows the brand to attract new clients while reinforcing its position among existing customers.

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