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Gym Branding in India

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Pump-up your sales with Gym Branding!

Gyms are modern world route to fitness. With hectic work schedules and stressful lives people find it hard to maintain their own health. Gym culture is helping people in maintaining their fitness by offering them flexible time schedules, 24×7 open facilities, latest and effective body training equipment’s and health supplements all under one roof.

Gym branding is a new promotional tactics where brands are trying to covertly communicate with their audience while they engage in fitness activities.

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Which brands are suitable for Gym branding?

As gym is a place for rigorous physical activities and the target audience here is highly motivated, pumped up and in active state of mind. Therefore, not all brands can befit from gym branding.  It is a lucrative advertising site for brands that are engaged in products or services such as:

  • Health supplements
  • Cosmetic products
  • Fitness equipment providers
  • Health care services
  • Energy Drinks
  • Organic foods
  • Sports clothing line

Gyms are mostly spacious with fitness equipments, mirrors and loud music spread across the entire space. The target audience of the gyms can be categorised into:

  • Beginners
  • Fitness freaks
  • Routine health maintainers
  • Weight maintainers
  • Body builders

People believe gyms to be a place for people with excessive weight issues but in the modern times gyms cater to audience that wish to maintain a good physique despite hectic schedules. Gyms offer a highly energetic and motivational environment. People come here to unwind and go fully pumped up with positive attitude.

How brands can be promoted at gym?

Advertisers can make use of gym space by placing their ads on:

  • Gym equipments
  • Gym lobby
  • workout stations
  • Sponsorship of gym membership cards
  • Gym walls
  • product standees
  • Gym elevators and staircase

As the target audience at gym is in a receptive state of mind, the advertisers can gain uninterrupted attention through visually attractive creative and motivational copy.  The gym branding will help the advertisers in establishing:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recall
  • Brand promotion
  • Brand loyalty
  • Pushing potential audience to make the purchase

Apart from having posters and banners, one can have live kiosks at gym, where the members can be given samples or can be informed about the product or service. Through sampling and sponsoring, the brands can communicate directly to their target audience as to how their product will help them in their fitness or overall health maintenance.

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