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How the Ola Play app is shaping transit advertising?

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How the Ola Play app is shaping transit advertising?

Advertising options on Ola Play App-

Ola is, arguably, the biggest taxi aggregator service in the country. With its reliability, services, and professionalism, Ola has brought a revolution in urban transportation in India. It changed the way people opt for commute in the Indian metro cities. Statistics show Ola is availed by over 18 million people in more than 120 cities. This approximately filters down to over 50 million rides per month in the country (as of December 2018). Consequently, Ola is now on its journey to single-handedly become India’s largest transit OOH platform. Ola providers the advertisers both the digital and print-based branding platforms to bring about effective brand messaging. Since the city commuters spend considerable time in the close influence of the ads, Ola has paved the way for building stronger marketing momentum for the brands.

How does Ola provide for branding services?

To build a greater target audience, you can advertise your brand in two ways. The digital platform offers the freedom to promote their brands on the Ola Play App and the Ola App. There are a number of options in the digital space to explore. Banner ads on the apps, pre-roll videos, Ola Play Screen ads, etc. are a few of the digital advertising options. The print-based options include brochures, car seat branding, car door branding or surface wrap ads, and car-top branding. With the availability of these many options, it will be the least surprising if passengers can soon buy a product right off from the Ola Play app.

What are the advantages of using Ola as your OOH advertising partner for your brand?

Ola has quite a few fail-safe branding mechanisms to ensure greater ROI for your brand.

A relatable platform: Since both the Ola services are available 24*7, passengers get the window to spend maximum time in a brand’s influence. Besides this, Ola has the mechanism to filter ads based on the location, time of the day, gender, etc. Therefore, Ola digital services are more efficient in taking spreading brand messages among the target audience.

A wider approach: Since the popularity of Ola is increasing with each passing day, the scope of advertising is also on the rise. The Ola app is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms and can be accessed on phones and tablets. Furthermore, the Ola Play tablets are also effective in portraying the brand image and message through the digital platform.

Greater exposure to the urban audience: Ola carries out the branding services not just for passengers but for the passers-by as well. Through external surface wrap ads and car-top branding, Ola has redefined the way the country looks at transit advertising.

Why should you invest in Ola Advertising?

As people across all socio-economic backgrounds and income groups avail Ola, it is evident that all the major companies turn to Ola for their advertising needs. Additionally, Ola’s digital platform has the mechanism to filter out ads as per the income group of the passenger. This gives the brands a rare chance to interact personally with their audiences and generate greater ROI.

Moreover, Ola believes in the policy of lower ad density to give its customers a better viewing experience. Besides, Ola takes special care to ensure a better brand impression among people and to procure a better ad recall response. Ola is, therefore, slowly becoming the go-to transit advertising platform for major businesses, companies, and e-commerce giants in India.