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Truck Advertising in India

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How Truck Advertising in India can take your brand to places ? Contact MyHoardings for Canter Advertising on Indian Highways.

How Truck Advertising in India can take your brand to places ?

If you thought that OOH advertising was only limited to print, outdoor, TV, and radio, you must revise your knowledge. Through transit advertising, you can unlock greater opportunities in both outreach and the ROI of the brand. Transit Advertising is a break-through media solution that takes the name of your brand far and wide. Be it train, bus, cab, auto-rickshaw, metro advertising, etc., your brand will travel along with these transportation modes. Therefore, this way, you can gain the attention of the audience in two ways:

  1. The passengers traveling in these modes of transit will notice the brand message. Studies show that the more time a person spends looking at an ad, the greater are the chances to turn the person into a future customer.
  2. General on-lookers, passers-by or whoever happens to lay their eyes on the ads will come under the brand’s influence.

Among all of these modes of transit advertisement, another crucial way of branding is truck advertising in India. This form of branding has recently been gaining quite a bit of popularity among advertisers and brands. Trucks have a sheer expanse of almost 700 sq. ft. of surface branding area. That means not only is truck branding is inviting to the advertisers but it is also engaging for the spectators. Thus, through a pan-India service, any brand will be able to spread the message of its brand to the Indian villages, towns, and cities. If you wish to have a higher degree of ROI from your brand, then invest in advertising in containerized trucks today.