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List of TV Channels that can be used to target Kids and Moms

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kids and their parents

We often tend to overlook the kids as consumers of products and services while the truth is they constitute an important demographic to target. Kids can turn out to be a considerable consumer base with proper branding techniques. Not only do they have their own purchasing power but they also can influence their parents’ purchase choices as well. Additionally, they also form the base of consumers who turn to the brand even in the future when they are adults. So, having a deep impact on kids will surely help your business thrive in the long run. kids and their parents plan their mindset with tv ads. It is the best medium for DOOH Advertising to promote your business.

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kids and their parents get to influence the choices in a number of areas

A few of them include:

  • Cereals and food choices (like breakfast and lunch choices)
  • Restaurants choices and meal choices when eating out
  • IT choices like those of software, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets.
  • Family entertainment choices and choices related to family trips and excursions.

Over the past few years, the advertising industry has realized the potential of kids in the consumer market. As a result, kids have become a potential target of advertisers. So, kids-centric advertisements have suddenly exploded in the advertising arena. Furthermore, parents are willing to spend more in these times to give their kids the best. This is because most of the families have dual incomes from working parents, smaller sizes of families, having lesser children, and planning the timing of the arrival of their children. Thus building brand loyalty among kids will boost the sales of your brand by leaps and bounds.

Top 5 TV Channels to advertise your brand in India

TV Channel Name Genre
Star SportsSports
Aaj TakNews

How to target kids and their parents for brand marketing?

If you are wondering how to reach out to the kids and their parents with your brand, you can start with TV advertising. Kids nowadays are hooked to the TV. Therefore, planning effective TV brand campaigns will surely get your brand noticed. Also, TV advertising is extremely affordable, considering the long-term impacts. With TV advertising, you can reach out to thousands of people with a single ad. Also, you can concentrate on building your consumer base based on the target audience. Advertising on local and cable channels will help you take your brand to specific towns and villages. Whereas with regional channels, you will be able to connect with a sizeable audience from a part of the country speaking a particular language. And national channels will spread out your outreach to broadcast your brand to the entire country. Examples of a few channels are Cartoon Network, Pogo, Hungama TV, Nick, Toonami, Marvel HQ, etc.

So, without much further ado, get your brand featured in one of those mom and kids channels and see your brand scale new heights of reputation and success.

Leading sports TV channels in India

Channel NameWeekly Viewership (In Millions)SD/HD Availability
Sony Ten 364Yes
Sony Ten 145Yes
Star Sports Hindi37Yes
Sony Six29Yes
Star Sports First17Yes