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Newspaper Advertising: Trust the old, get the gold!

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Newspaper Advertising

Traditional media like newspaper ads has been the oldest and the most trusted forms of advertising till today. The brands all over the world trust newspaper advertising for its capacity to reach masses. The fact that newspaper does not limit itself to a time slot or depends on external factor like electricity, it reaches large audience on everyday basis. Newspaper isn’t perishable like other electronic mediums, thus making it more trustworthy for any brand to connect with its target audience. MyHoardings is the best ad agency in India.

List of Top Newspapers in India

Name LanguageHeadquarter
Dainik JagranHindiKanpur
Dainik BhaskarHindiBhopal
The Times of IndiaEnglishMumbai
Malayala ManoramaMalayalam Kottayam
Amar UjalaHindiNoida
Hindustan DainikHindiNew Delhi
Rajasthan PatrikaHindiRajasthan
Dina ThanthiTeluguHyderabad

Is newspaper ads still relevant?

We have entered the digital era and everything that we see around us has turned from traditional to digital but as they say ‘never forget the roots’, some advertising mediums such as newspaper ads are still considered as the basic tool to reach the target audience.

Here are some significant benefits of newspaper ads that will help you understand the relevance of newspaper advertising in digital times:

  1. Undiluted Reach

The basic but the best benefit of newspaper ads is that it reaches the masses. The newspaper audience is undiluted in terms of age, gender or likeability as one newspaper copy reaches one house that will have a minimum of three members. So, you never know who gets stimulated by the ad copy. The undiluted reach offered by newspaper advertising act as a great opportunity for brands that are looking for new consumers.

  1. Unmatched frequency

Apart from national holidays, the newspaper is drooped at every doorstep every day, therefore the frequency of reaching the desired audience via newspaper advertising is unmatched.

For instance if a brand wish to announce a ‘limited time sale’, it can publish the ad everyday till the end day and ensure visibility.

  1. Unmatched credibility

The most common phrase that we use when we want to prove our words right is ‘it was in the newspaper’ and the same goes with the brands. Newspaper advertising is tangible; therefore the brands are fully accountable for any offers, promises, information, terms and conditions stated by the brand in the newspaper ad. Therefore, general audience holds credibility in anything that is published in newspaper.

  1. Undivided attention

The attention span of the audience dedicated to an ad is what makes or breaks any advertising campaign. Unlike other advertising mediums such as television, mobile or radio, newspaper advertising is less cluttered and therefore more attention-grabbing. The newspaper ad is crisp, short and clean which makes it more absorbing to newspaper readers.

  1. Budget Friendly

What more would you ask for if a credible advertising source fits your pocket just perfect. Newspaper advertising is for everyone, if you are big brand with big advertising budget, you can book full page ads or repeat ads daily but if you are a brand trying to gain audience’s trust and awareness, than you can begin with small ad space and can go big slowly and steadily.

  1. For both masses and the classes

Newspaper advertising is one medium through which the brands can target both niche audience and mass audience. As newspaper have different sections such as Lifestyle, Sports, International, Weekly edition magazine etc, the advertisers can pick pages and reach specific group of audience. Similarly, the ads can be published on the front and back of the page for reaching undivided audience.

These benefits of newspaper advertising prove its worth in current digital times too. Therefore, for any brand to build trust with their audience, newspaper advertising is must!