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Metro Pillar Advertising in Hyderabad

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Have you been looking for more spaces to advertise your brand in Hyderabad? You can then utilize the metro spaces for brand visibility and outreach. The spaces under the metro train authorities include the trains, the platforms, station compounds as well as the metro pillars. So, while you are quite well-versed with the advertising options of the first three spaces, metro pillar advertising is also a viable option. This media option allows you to communicate with people in the busiest areas of the city. Choose MyHoardings to advertise through all mediums in Hyderabad.

Why should you opt for Metro Pillar Advertising in Hyderabad?

Advertising on a metro pillar gives you the chance to interact with thousands of people on a daily basis. As a result, metro pillar advertising is one of the most promising upcoming media advertising options in Hyderabad. Because people are now gradually returning to their normal lives, outdoor advertising has also started to gain momentum. Consequently, media spaces that have been lying vacant for the last few months are now filling up fast. Therefore, there is a dearth of visible advertising spaces in the city. In such a case, metro pillar advertising has all the potential to step up to the crisis.

With the benefits of wide-angle viewing and affordability, metro pillar advertising can easily popularize a brand in a matter of a few days. Additionally, in a city like Hyderabad where people spend a substantial time of their day commuting, advertising on metro pillars is an effective way to arrest their attention on your brand.

So, jump into the advertising world by trying out the newest promising OOH media in the block. Metro pillar advertising can guarantee you assured greater brand impressions per day as the ads are at the eye level of passers-by. Hence, they have the potential of creating a deeper impact and thereby, garnering more ROI for the brand. So, ditch the customary forms of OOH media and generate the right buzz for your brand in the post-COVID world.

Outdoor Billboards / Hoardings in Hyderabad

Name CategoryLocality/LandmarkDimensionsStarting Price
Atop Fibrolite in HyderabadHoardingsParadise Circle60*25₹ 106250 Per Month
Banjara Hills Top Brand Factory Lumbini MallHoardingsNagarjuna Circle50*25₹ 92000 Per Month
Basheer Bagh Liberty CircleHoardingsLiberty Circle50*25₹ 92000 Per Month
Begumpet Flyover in HyderabadHoardingsGreenlands40*20₹ 69000 Per Month
Chadarghat Bridge in HyderabadHoardingsKoti60*25₹ 92000 Per Month
Fathenagar Flyover in HyderabadHoardingsBalkampet / Sanathnagar50*25₹ 148750 Per Month
Gachibowli in Hyderabad HoardingsBotanical Garden50*25₹ 127500 Per Month
Hafeezpet in HyderabadBeside Green Bawarchi RestaurantHoardingsMiyapur40*25₹ 92000 Per Month
Hitech City Opp TCS, E-Park in HyderabadHoardingsCyber towards Hitech City60*25₹ 114750 Per Month
Langer House atop HoardingsSun City30*25₹ 92000 Per Month