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Explore the world of OOH media for a successful ad campaign!

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Explore the world of OOH media for a successful ad campaign!

A successful brand is the result of coordinate activities such as uncompromising product or service quality, product packaging, brand awareness, brand visibility, brand image and an impactful brand ad campaign. The common man gets to know about the brand only via mediums such as TV commercials, mobile ads, internet, print ads, radio ads and outdoor ads. If USP of the product is well advertised via impactful ad campaign, the brand will be successful for sure!

Why pick OOH advertising for an impactful ad campaign?

Strengths of OOH Media:

  • Mass reach
  • Mass visibility
  • High Impact
  • Greater audience attention
  • Better audience engagement
  • Strikes emotional chord with the viewer
  • Interactive in nature
  • Enhances the impact of a multi-dimensional ad campaign
  • Cost effective

Impact of OOH media:

  • Visual engagement: Approximately 8 out of 10 people view the outdoor message and 46% frequently look at the hoarding messages when they pass by it. The reason is the visual attractiveness of the ad.
  • Budget friendly: Outdoor ads are more budget friendly as compared to other media. TV commercials print and radio ads cost more than OOH advertising.
  • Influences viewer’s action: According to the reports, 4 in 10 people visit the brand store after viewing the hoardings or billboards. The OOH ad acts as trigger especially for restaurants, shopping stores and movies.
  • Prompts online traffic: Around 1 in 4 viewers tend to visit the website of the brand advertised after viewing the outdoor ad.

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  • Mall Advertising
  • Brand Kiosks


The future of OOH advertising:

Audience is saturated with TV commercials, radio ads or print ads. The brands have to be highly unique and creative to get noticed on these traditional mediums. However, with OOH, attracting audience’s attention is a bit easy as the audience is ideal while they are travelling and this gives them time to focus on ads displayed on the roads. The outdoor ads have large displays and are placed at great heights which inevitable catches audience’s attention.

The next chapter in the world of OOH media is digital hoardings and billboards. In near future, digital hoarding and billboards will replace the static ones in India.  As digital outdoor media is more interactive and engaging, there are more impactful then the static ones and therefore the advertisers are slowly and steadily realizing the power of digital OOH media and implementing it for the best results.

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