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New age digital advertising embarks on the goodwill of mothers!

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The conventional ways of tapping the audience through television, radio and print have become outdated with the growing usage of smart devices. The digital advertising is making waves but the presence of too many brands on one platform is saturating the mind of audience. Too much information in the form of influencer marketing, banner ads, road block ads etc is creating trust issues for the audience. If a brand is penetrating every media channel to make it reachable, on one hand it might create awareness but on the downside of it over pinning might create annoyance for the consumers.

So, if you are wondering, how can we approach target audience without annoying them and fetching their interest by choice then content seeding through moms is the latest trend to follow in digital marketing.

What is content seeding?              

New digital marketing and advertising trends rely heavily on establishing trust, loyalty and long-term relationship with the consumers, content seeding bring that organically through communicating via individuals who are trust figures for us from ages. Common individuals yet most trustworthy people in our society are mothers, teachers and elderly people of the family. When a communication message is delivered to the target audience through individuals or channels which are trustworthy or have heavy followers it is termed as content seeding. The brand’s content is delivered by influencers, mothers, teachers or anyone who has mass following in an organic manner. They suggest the consumers to choose a product or a service by disclosing its pros and cons and the end decision lies in the hand of viewers. In content seeding the brand’s message is projected in an organic way instead of compelling the audience to make the purchase.

Why brands are preferring mothers over influencers for content seeding?

Mothers are and will always be the most trustworthy figures in every individual’s life. Therefore, the brands are turning away from celebrities, social media influencers or other popular figures because of their over usage in the digital media rather they are now tapping on mom’s trust to get the favour of target audience.


Mothers over other madness:

  • The followers of mothers comprises of close family members, relatives, childhood friends, other moms and people with similar interests and likings.
  • Mothers have the cultural, ethical, traditional and regional knowledge, skills and experience that can be utilised by brands to make the communication message more informative than persuasive.
  • Brands can embark on the ‘goodwill’ factors of mothers to propagate an advertising campaign.
  • Mothers inflict high engagement and trustworthiness than influencers and celebrities.

Brands like Matific, Vedantu and Humain have already implemented content seeding through moms. The brands were successful in reaching their advertising campaign goals through engaging everyday mothers in content seeding.

How mothers promote an advertising campaign?

Mothers can promote a brand message though various ways such as:

  • Word of mouth: Simplest way of spreading a brand’s message like wild fire is through word of mouth. Mothers can propel an advertising campaign by organically fitting the message in their casual conversation at events like weddings, social gatherings, and kitty parties or through chat messages.
  • Instagram posts: Another most popular means of promoting a brand is through Instagram posts. The brands can design a communication message that feels like personal experience or conversation urge of the mom instead of a direct promotional post.
  • Whtsapp chats: Moms are highly active on whtsapp groups and chats. The chats make up for promoting a brand message in everyday conversational language.


How content seeding strategy and mothers make up for a successful advertising campaign?

Brands can use ‘mom influencers’ to propel an advertising campaign by following simple rules of content seeding:

  1. Campaign subject: The brands need to select a campaign subject that is suitable for content seeding via mothers. The subject and the mothers should fit in the campaigns naturally. For instance, a car insurance brand cannot use content seeding through mothers as most mothers do not handle this work whereas a baby care product fits best for the same.
  2. Criteria for mothers: The brands must choose mothers according to the brand’s personality. Mothers can be anything from homemakers, professionals, entrepreneurs etc, their age, location and family background and social activeness shall be considered before selecting them for particular campaign.
  3. Matchmaking: Once the mothers are filtered on the basis of the categories defined above, the match making of the mother and the advertising campaign is done. Mothers are selected for brands that would suit both the brand’s personality and a mother’s social image.
  4. Create content: Once the mother is selected for a particular campaign, the brands carefully designs the communication message in the form of posts, chats and conversations.
  5. Let’s post: These posts are then propelled by mothers on their personal social platforms like Instagram posts, Whtsapp messages, personal chats etc. These posts feel like natural conversations and posts rather than moneymaking formats.