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Plug and play DOOH screen advertising at top locations in Chennai

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Digital media is expanding each day for providing better ROI to advertisers. Technical advancements have helped digital media to make the bond between the consumer and creator stronger. The latest digital marketing trends focus on targeting specific audiences to save wasteful advertising. Through real-time data collection, controlled advertising and remote monitoring of digital screens boost the chances of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital screens are revolutionizing outdoor advertising in commendable ways. The wave has already hit major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. Digital screen advertising is better than static outdoor advertising as they are interactive, result-oriented and controllable.

Be it education, cultural heritage or economical growth, the capital state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has it all. The city is rich in cultural heritage, has numerous renowned education institutes and also keeps pace when it comes to inventing or following latest technology and trends. Therefore, digital advertising has been adopted by the city rapidly to make the most of the latest digital marketing solutions. Be it malls, railways stations, metro stations, bus stations, highways or traffic signals, digital screens are popping up in every customer centric places in the city.

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Top locations to deploy digital screens in Chennai:

  • Marina Mall: Malls makeup for the most appropriate location for any kind of advertising as the malls observe high footfall of mixed audience in terms of age, gender and professional background. Digital screens deployed at specific areas of the mall like entrance gates, food courts, parking areas or outside the peripheral of mall, gain maximum audience attention. The digital screens DOOH advertising also gets quick response in malls as the customer and the product are at a close location.
  • Tek Towers: As the name suggest the ‘Tek Towers’ is a multi-tenanted building for company offices. The building has a basement, ground floor and 7 floors above it. As the towers have the maximum footfall of working professionals, they offer a perfect ambience for advertising and products such as healthcare, finance, automobile and premium brands. Digital screens can be deployed at the food court, parking lot and lift lobbies of these towers. As the visitors to these building are well informed, educated and have high purchasing power any advertising done here reaps high results.
  • Tek Meadows: Another huge commercial space that can be used for digital advertising through screens in Chennai is Tek Meadows. The huge space, parking lot, 24×7 power backup and clean environment leads to a clutter free advertising space. The advertisers can deploy huge screens outside the building or on building wall while small size screens can be placed at various areas inside the building. The building is situated at prime location of the city. Therefore, any advertising done outside or inside the building will gain maximum audience attention.

These are few top location of Chennai where the brands can implement digital screens for best returns. As these buildings offer in-house facilities like 24×7 power backup, custom lighting, neat and clear walkways, high-speed internet facility, well defined food courts and huge parking space, they provide a perfect advertising ambience.