Outdoor Advertising: A new trend in Industry

Outdoor Advertising: A new trend in Industry

Advertising today has taken a new shape. In this 21st century it’s not limited to only local newspapers and television channels. Outdoor advertising plays one of the biggest roles in this. But what is Outdoor Advertising after all? In simple words, it’s all sorts of advertising that’s done outdoor i.e, out-of-home hence also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

This concept is simple yet it generates huge profits for the businesses when advertised in the correct manner and correct places.  Types of different Outdoor advertising:

  • Billboard advertising
  • Transit (Bus, taxi, train, etc)
  • Public furniture (Street furniture, bus benches, etc)
  • Point of Sale Displays

This simple yet powerful concept of advertising has lots of benefits.

Benefits of Outdoor advertising:

  • Creates high impact – Visible to consumers at all time in 24 hours.
  • Cost effectiveness – Transit advertising cost comparatively less and creates awareness about the products and service to most passengers or bystanders.
  • Reaches mass audience – Creates brand awareness without focusing on only a single category of consumers.

Focused and practical marketing is very necessary to generate revenue. Hence, few things to keep in mind:

  • Make a thorough analysis of the product or service for which the advertising would be done. Example, the product or service should not be anything illegal, inhumane or hurt any religious sentiment by its public display.
  • Check out the options (billboard, transit, etc) which would be apt for the particular product or service. Example, if any children’s product needs to be advertised then school buses, taxis, bus benches near the schools would be a better option. This would ensure that the advertisement reaches most of the consumers who are willing to, or in need of that particular children’s product.
  • Plan out the cost for the advertisement. Example, transit advertising would be less costly in comparison to billboard advertising in some cases.
  • Keep it short and simple. Example, people will not spend time to read detailed descriptions on the go for any product or services. Time is too precious. Display some catchy lines or pictures that would attract the attention and pass on the message about the product or service in just few seconds.

If all these things are kept in mind while advertising any product or service outdoor then it would definitely increase the business profit and value. The outdoor advertising report is generated after considering various points like market demand, current market scenario, business strategies etc. Various big and developed countries are using this approach for business.


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