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Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising

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Rules to follow for small businesses to gain through TV Advertising

With a variety of colour, stories, drama, knowledge, news – the ‘idiot box’ has come a long way since its invention. Advertising through this medium covers a huge number of customers. Advertising is all about branding and targeting the right kind of people at the right time. Let’s see few points:

  • Target the right audience – Targeting the right kind of audience is extremely important. For any kitchen ad – an adult including a housewife or chef or anyone interested in cooking needs to be targeted. There’s no point in targeting the kids for these kind of product or service.
  • Know the options – The best option for local advertisers is when there is good competition in the local cable operators. When the competition is less, the advertising cost is more. And when the competition is more, the advertising cost is less.
  • Use digital to complement a TV campaign – Investing in multiple media outlets enhance the effectiveness of the advertising of the marketers.
  • Use social media – Social media should be used as a part of the overall marketing campaign but not the entire of it. It needs to be dealt with care and caution.
  • Liberate the gold in company’s data – The customer data present with the company can be utilized to reference and enhance and target the right kind of customers. This data can also be cross-referenced with census data for defining the demographic profiles of prospective customers. Then this data can be matched with the cable set-top box viewing patterns and even offline purchase behaviour.
  • Ask tough questions of ad partners – It is important to know about the strengths and shortcomings of various media platforms. TV advertising is evolving day by day to encompass digital-style targeting. It’s better to have a detailed and frank discussion with the marketing advisors about the best combination of the objectives and the budget.

Top 5 TV Channels to advertise your brand in India

TV Channel Name Genre
Star SportsSports
Aaj TakNews

Leading sports TV channels in India

Channel NameWeekly Viewership (In Millions)SD/HD Availability
Sony Ten 364Yes
Sony Ten 145Yes
Star Sports Hindi37Yes
Sony Six29Yes
Star Sports First17Yes