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Noticeable reasons to use Bulk SMS services for your marketing campaign

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Bulk SMS services, Best bulk sms rates

Noticeable reasons to use bulk SMS services for your marketing campaign

In the 21st century digital world, the most cost effective, time flexible, most widespread form of marketing is the ‘short messaging service’ or what we call as SMS. Majority of the population use their mobile phones and are active in texting. ‘97% of the messages are read by the cell phone owners and 90% of those SMS text messages are read in the first 4-6 minutes of delivery’, as per the Juniper Research. A company or business which is planning to grow and expand can use and benefit from the outcomes of bulk SMS services for marketing.

Bulk SMS services

Apart from being instant, reliance, widespread and cost-effective, let’s see the reasons for using bulk SMS services for marketing campaign:

1)      Rapidity – If you want your information to reach as quickly and as effectively to the maximum number of people then bulk SMS service is the thing.

2)      Right on Target – It is targeted on the right set of customers along with their permission. These people might have asked for such information and updates which provides a widespread customer base.

3)      Customer Convenience – Time is too precious. The customers receive time to time update and information through SMS as per their convenient time. An example is the banks- keep the customers updated on transactions, account details, withdrawal, deposits, monthly statements, etc., saving the precious time and money of the valuable customers.

4)      High Returns, Low Cost – Outdoor and other forms of advertising and marketing are way too costly for all. Here the SMS services come as a relief. It is not only low cost but also offers the high return on investment. A good connectivity is required for the SMS to be sent in bulk.

5)      No Filter – Another good thing is that no spam folder/boxes involved in bulk SMS services. Any number not listed on NDNC registry (DND numbers) can be reached out.

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