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Are you missing these crucial advertising spots at the airport?

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advertising spots at the airport

Airport advertising is adopted by brands to reach consumers who are on travelling to either domestic or international destinations. Airport advertising aims at utilizing the factors such as dwell time, receptive mood, ambiance, etc. for creating brand awareness, building positive brand image and triggering higher brand recall. Airport advertising targets the affluent consumers at the airport who fly frequently and have the real purchasing power. Therefore, in order to gain the maximum ROI (return of investment) through airport advertising, you should not miss these crucial advertising spots at the airport:

  1. Arrival and Departure gates: The first and the last touch point of any flyer at the airport are the entry and exit gates. To grab the attention of the consumer right at the first step, one must advertise in any form such as pamphlet distribution, static or digital hoarding at this point. It can be more engaging advertising spots at the airport.
  2. Luggage trolleys: The next important spot of advertising at the airport are luggage trolley ads. The flyers often need luggage trolleys to carry their luggage inside or outside the airport. Therefore, sticker ads on the luggage trolley work best for attracting flyer’s attention. With luggage or baggage trolley advertising, the brands can assure repeat visibility of their, as the ad moves around with flyers till the boarding time and after the flight has landed.
  3. Tarmac Coach: A shuttle bus that carries the flyers from the boarding point to their respective flight, offers interior and exterior advertising opportunities. The brands can place their ads either on the side panels of the tarmac coach or on the bus grab bars, inside the coach.
  4. Newspaper stickers: The flyers are offered complimentary newspapers while they are on the flight, the brands can place newspaper sticker ads on the front page of the newspaper, to connect with the audience during the dwell time.
  5. Wi-Fi Banner ads: Flyers need to reach the airport at least one hour prior to a domestic flight while international flyers need to reach at least two hours before their flight. The dwell time gives the brands an opportunity to distract the flyers effectively through Wi-Fi banner ads. As airport Wi-Fi is free for all the flyers, people do connect to the airport internet to kill their dwell time. The Wi-Fi banner ad will be the first thing to appear on their screen when the flyers will connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi.
  6. Lounge advertising: Premium brands can grab the flyer’s eyeball through attractive creative ads displayed at the waiting lounge at the airport. These advertising spots at the airport is hard to get a miss by the flyers as they will use their free time to either eat something or to relax at the lounge before the flight’s take off.
  7. DOOH Hoardings: To engage the audience at the airport, the brands must use interactive medium such as digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH). An eye-catching creative on digital medium will catch instant passenger attention at any spot of the airport. Digital hoardings can be monitored remotely and customized ads can be played to target the desired audience. The ad-tech features in digital hoardings and digital screens such as Geo fencing, tracking, re-targeting and data based monitoring helps advertisers to pitch their promotional message to the right audience.

Airport Ad Media for Brand Promotion

  • 01


    Luggage Trolley

    Luggage Trolley ads play important role in airport advertising.

  • 02


    Conveyor Belt

    Conveyor Belt ads at Airport.

  • 03

    Airport Billboards

    Airport Billboards in India.

These are few crucial advertising spots for brands to garner maximum attention of the passengers visiting the airport.

List of Advertising Options at Airport in India

Airport NameMedia Options Available
Chennai AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, E-ticket
Mumbai AirportConveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Bangalore AirportHoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding
New Delhi Airporthoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Kolkata AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area
Goa AirportBranding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding