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Advertisement inside Bengaluru Metro Trains

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With a daily passenger count of 518,000 (till March 2020), Bengaluru Metro trains have become one of the pivotal transportation modes of the city. Known as the “Namma Metro”, the metro service was the first in South India. It now has an annual ridership of around 134 million (as of 2019), connecting 46 metro stations. Since the service in Bengaluru has become one of the busiest transportation forms, advertising inside the trains has become a favored outreach medium.

Benefits of branding inside Bengaluru metro trains:

While advertisers can also opt for metro station branding, passengers generally spend more time travelling inside metro trains. So, advertising inside Bengaluru metro trains will be lucrative for the brands. In addition, with the extension plans for the Bengaluru metro, more trains will run across the city. Therefore, branding inside Bengaluru metros will result in an efficient pan-city branding program.

Branding inside metros is usually carried out in the lighted panels. These panels are located next to the doors, coach windows and near the handrails. As a result, displaying brand messages on these panels ensures an all-around viewing experience for commuters. The location of the panels is at the vantage points in each metro coach. This means that regardless of whether a commuter is sitting or standing, the person will not be out of sight of the advertisement.

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Additionally, advertising inside metro trains has several other advantages. Since the panels come in prominent sizes, they offer a clutter-free viewing experience to the audience. Also, branding in busy transportation modes such as metro trains offers brand visibility on the move. Furthermore, commuters in metro trains are eager consumers. Planning a branding campaign in metro trains ensures higher retention due to the high frequency of viewing.

In addition, branding inside Bengaluru metros offers distraction-free ad viewing for the passengers. And that is not all. Advertising inside the metro trains in Bengaluru is easy on the pocket for advertisers too. So, to have an impactful yet economical advertising campaign, opt for advertisement inside Bengaluru Metro trains.

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