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How to advertise on the Disney+ Hotstar App?

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Indians are great fans of primetime TV. From daily soaps to crime dramas, the country loves its daily dose of entertainment. And after the merger with Disney+, Hotstar has tapped into a different class of viewers. Marvel fans, comic nerds, and superhero fanatics are digging into the idea of weekly content of their favorite superheroes. As a result, Hotstar has now quickly jumped into the category of most popular apps for entertainment and content.

Disney+ Hotstar has content for people of all ages and all tastes. Whether it is romcoms, daily soaps, comedies, cartoons, family drama, suspense thrillers or superhero movies, the OTT platform has it all. So, the platform has a wide variety of audience base – from kids to elderly people. In addition, the app also telecasts programs from popular regional languages as well. Therefore, the app reaches people of all demographics and gender.

Why should you advertise on the Disney+ Hotstar App?

Branding on the Disney+ Hotstar App brings with it a ton of benefits.

  • The streaming platform records over 300 million monthly active users.
  • Disney+ Hotstar is one of the most loved content platforms for Indian viewers. The application is replete with all kinds of content, from TV shows to movies to even sports. In addition, both the web and the mobile version of the OTT platform offer the best viewing experience.
  • Alongside Hindi, the app also shows content in English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Telegu, and Marathi. Consumers find Disney+ Hotstar to be their complete video destination.
  • The OTT application also offers a wider reach for advertisers as it is viewed in the top 8 metropolitan cities and over 1 million towns across India.
  • The streaming platform allows advertisers to choose from a wide range of advertising options like branding in video, banner, masthead banner, app installation screen, in between premium movies, etc.
  • As the application is a storehouse of entertainment, it draws viewership from the viewers across various genres. Viewers who love family drama, romance, thriller, action, crime, and comedy genres find plentiful entertaining content on the platform. As a result, targeting your audience for your brand campaign just got a bit easier for you.
  • Furthermore, because of the wide variety of content, people from all age groups tune in. Therefore, whether you have a product that you have to target to parents or mothers, to elderly people or to kids, Hotstar+ Disney gives you all the scope to channel your brand advertisements to your audiences.

Is advertising on the Disney+ Hotstar app worth it?

Last year, the OTT platform witnessed record-breaking viewership numbers that put it on the global platform. Analysts say that Hotstar viewership is 5 times more than normal TV viewership and that the maximum viewership base is from the age group 18 to 35. So, Disney+ Hotstar gives the advertisers a ready platform with soaring popularity to brand their products and services to eager consumers. Besides this, branding on the Disney+ Hotstar app will give you the option of personalizing the ads as per the choices of individual viewers.

So, design a branding campaign on the Disney+ Hotstar platform and advertise your brand on a premium OTT platform.

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