Endless branding options at Bengaluru  Airport

Endless branding options at Bengaluru  Airport

The first thing that flashes in the mind when we hear Bengaluru or Bangalore is the city’s IT-hubs, vibrant night life and shopping malls. The city is also famous for the world educational institutes like IIT, NLSIU, IISC and many more. The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is popular city among youngsters for both education and job opportunities. The Kempegowda International airport  located at Devanahalli, is the third busiest international airport after Delhi and Mumbai. The Bengaluru International Airport Limited(BIAL) recorded the grow of 32.8% in the first quarter of2018-2019 in terms of passenger traffic.

How to use  advertising opportunities at Bengaluru International Airport?

As it is one of the busiest airport of India, the passenger traffic is incredibly high. brands can make use of various advertising opportunities available both inside and outside the airport for an impactful and rewarding ad campaign.

Advertising opportunities at BIAL include:

Luggage trolley ads:

  • Average number of people who use luggage trolley is approximately 50,000.
  • Half of the passengers are either flying out of the city or others are flying in.
  • The average trolley usage time is minimum 40 minutes to 1 hour. The trolley usage time mostly depends on the time spent in collecting luggage or checking-in the luggage before boarding the flight.

Bangalore Airport Advertising services.Airport lounge Ads, Airport Trolley Branding India


Escalators, lifts and conveyer belts:

  • Escalators, lifts and elevators are used by most of the passengers at the airport.
  • Lifts are usually used by elderly people and children.
  • People wait for their luggage near the conveyer belt. The average time spent for luggage collection is anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

Bangalore Airport Advertising services.Airport lounge Ads, Airport Trolley Branding India

Airport lounge:

  • Flyers have to reach the airport at least 90 minutes before an international flight and 60minutes prior to a domestic flight.
  • This dwell time is highly precious for advertisers to interact with the consumers through various branding tactics.
  • The relaxed state of mind and the airport ambience helps the consumers to receive the brand message more effectively.

Bangalore Airport Advertising services.Airport lounge Ads, Airport Trolley Branding India

Wi-Fi Branding

  • The airport’s Wi-Fi can be utilised to reach the target audience who connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi’s network.
  • Wi-Fi branding includes banner ads, broadcast messages roadblock and video ads.
  • People spend their dwell time mostly by surfing phone and Wi-Fi branding plays vital role in pulling target audience’s attention.


Print Advertising

  • Sticker ads can be placed on newspaper and magazines circulated at the airport.

Tarmac Coach Branding

  • The coaches is used for taking the passengers for boarding the fight before takeoff and bringing them back to airport after touchdown.
  • Branding can be done on both exterior and interior panels of the tarmac coach for effective communication.
  • The travel time may be short but during this time the consumer is not distracted to any other thing and is expected to pay full attention to tarmac’s ads.

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