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Bus Branding for nationwide ad campaign!

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Bus Branding for nationwide ad campaign!

It is very rare phenomenon but if it happens it creates a huge buzz for the brand in the entire nation, yes! Bus branding on national level might be very ambitious but if planned and executed on a professional, the ad campaign can get the brand sales soaring to an unimaginable level. When we the ad campaign considers spreading the brand message at national level, there are few things to consider before executing the big plan:

  • Which buses to pick?

The brand needs to consider whether to choose a non-ac bus branding or ac bus branding according to the target audience. The bus fares and type of audience travelling in both ac and non-ac buses differ in terms of education, socio-economic status and psychographics.

  • Which states to pick?

Depending on the target audience, the brand must decide the states that would take up the bus branding ad campaign. Every state has different government and private bodies that run the bus transportation system and the brands must consider the terms and condition of each to make the ad campaign legal and successful.

  • UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation)
  • BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation)
  • MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation)
  • KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation)
  • KURTC (Kerala Urban Road Transport Corporation)
  • RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation)
  • WBSTC (West Bengal State Transport Corporation)

Likewise Bihar, Haryana, Chennai, Uttarakhand, Assam and other states too have government bodies that run the bus-transport system. The advertisers need to go through a legal process to win the advertising rights for government run buses.

Types of Transit Vehicle Branding

Vehicle TypeAd Rate / MonthMin. Ad duration
Auto50003 month
Cab40001 month
Mobile Van70. 0001 week

 Where to place Bus Branding ads?

Both ac and non ac buses offer various ad placement options for pumping the visibility, reach and exposure if the brand through bus branding. Ad placement options in buses include:

  • Exterior ad placement: The ads run on both the left and right side of the buses in full length. Costs starts from -70,000/ac-bus, 7000/non-ac bus.
  • Interior ad placement: The ads run on the interior panels of the buses, on bus handle bars and on the driver and passenger seat backs. Costs-5000/ac-bus, 2000/non-ac bus.
  • Full bus ad placement: Full bus branding covers both interior and exterior bus branding. Costs: 90,000/ac-bus, 8000/non-ac bus.
  • Back panel branding: The ad is placed on the back panel of the bus. Costs: 4000/ac-bus, 1500/non-ac bus.

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