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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai

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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai by MyHoardings. Best Auto Branding rates in Mumbai and PAN India

Are you of the opinion that promoting your advertising is expensive in Mumbai? Are you unsure of investing in brand promotion with fewer funds? Well, then you are oblivious of a transit media advertising option called auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai. Auto rickshaw advertising will be the easiest on your pocket.

Why should you invest in auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai?

Auto rickshaw advertising is the advertising of brands on the back panel, sides, and the hood of the auto. The banner of the ad of your brand will be pasted on the auto-rickshaw. There is no fixed time for auto rickshaw branding. That is to say, you can keep the ad of your brand pasted for as long as you would like to promote your brand, till the ad gets damaged somehow or till the pasted banner gets replaced by some other advertisement. Thus, this gives you the independence to run an ad campaign for a longer duration of time.

Besides this, auto rickshaw branding in Mumbai ranges between 170 INR to 200 INR per auto (excluding the GST). So, you will be able to easily carry on bulk advertising on autos by selecting autos from different routes. Therefore, in this way, the brand message and image will travel to the places that the autos venture too. That is to say, the autos will efficiently take the name of your brand to every corner of the city and its suburbs. So, if you want to have a city-wide branding campaign in Mumbai, auto-rickshaw branding is one cost-effective way to do so.

Additionally, auto-rickshaw branding also ensures promotional activities at the locality and community levels. As the autos will travel through the alleys and streets of Mumbai, your brand will also influence people and consumers of all demographics. Thus, auto-rickshaw branding can be safely assumed to be an all-inclusive advertising option.

Furthermore, autos have the scope of attracting the attention of both the passengers and onlookers. A single auto in Mumbai covers around 150 to 200 km a day while completing 10 trips per day on an average. Also, the average travel time of a passenger in an auto is 15 minutes. So, with the above statistics, you can be well assured of investing in brand promotion through the right medium.

We all are aware of the popularity of autos in Mumbai. So, tap into the opportunity of capitalizing on the marketability of one of the most common modes of transportation in the city by opting for auto-rickshaw branding.


Auto Advertising Rates / Cost in Delhi / Mumbai / Bengaluru / Chennai / Kolkata –


Minimum No of Autos

Auto Advertising Cost


₹ 470



₹ 550



₹ 150



₹ 475



₹ 680



₹ 550



₹ 585



₹ 520

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