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Have a limited marketing budget? Auto rickshaw ads in Bengaluru can help you…

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Auto rickshaw ads in Bengaluru to boost sales. MyHoardings is leading Auto branding and Car Advertising servi provider in Bangalore

Are you low in budget but still want to carry out brand promotional activities? Are the prices of the starting packages of different media options in Bengaluru making you anxious? Surely then you can bank on auto-rickshaw advertising in Bengaluru. This kind of transit media advertising has become extremely popular in the urban areas due to its efficiency.

Bengaluru has more than 1,60,000 autos plying on the city roads. Millions of people travel by autos each day in the city. This has led to the gradual boom in auto advertising in the city as the autos travel to every nook and cranny of the urban and suburban areas of Bengaluru. So, the autos have the capacity to influence not just the passengers but the onlookers through the auto advertising campaign. The total road network in Bengaluru is approximately 10,200 kilometers, thereby making auto advertising a highly potent medium. Additionally, auto advertising is highly popular in the areas of JP Nagar, Koramangala, Vasant Nagar, Jayanagar, Shanti Nagar, etc.

Auto advertising can be productively put to use by pasting the brand ad on the auto hood which includes the three sides and rectangular upper side of the auto or singularly on the auto back panel. Normally, vinyl material and rexine is used to print the ad material for advertising on auto-rickshaws in the city. Besides plying on the city roads, the autos also travel through the alleyways of smaller communities and localities. Therefore, you can be assured that the image and the message of your brand will be carried to the locality and community level in Bengaluru.

Among the myriads of advantages of auto advertising in Bengaluru, a few are listed below –

  • The price of auto advertising is the lowest among all the forms of media advertising options. The auto back panel is priced well below 200 INR whereas the auto hood advertising approximately comes around 600-700 INR.
  • Auto advertising does not have any stipulated duration for the ad campaign. That is to say, that your brand ad could stay pasted on auto until the ad gets damaged or no new advertisers replace your ad with a new one. Therefore, you can place your ad on the auto for a duration between a few days to several months.
  • Because of the cost-effectiveness of auto advertising in Bengaluru, you will also have the advantage of advertising on several autos at the same time.
  • As autos freely travel through the urban and suburban areas, you can be ensured the message of the brand will be delivered to the areas that the autos travel to. Thus, if you have the budget of advertising in large quantities, the brand will reach the remote corners of the city through auto advertising on different routes.
  • Auto advertising provides the cheapest way for hyper-local targeting or area wise targeting in Bengaluru. Thus, geo-targeting is possible at a shoe-string budget through auto advertising.

So, if you are planning to have a city-wide outreach for long term brand building at a low budget auto advertising in Bengaluru is the most efficient way to achieve your goals.

Auto Advertising Rates / Cost in Delhi / Mumbai / Bengaluru / Chennai / Kolkata –


Minimum No of Autos

Auto Advertising Cost


₹ 470



₹ 550



₹ 150



₹ 475



₹ 680



₹ 550



₹ 585



₹ 520