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Car Top Advertising in India and its growth

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Have you ever considered that the top of a car could also be used as an advertising platform? Yes, you read that right. Car top advertising in India is an underrated and underused advertising media option. Just like the exterior of a cab is used as a transit media advertising option, car top branding is another medium. With the preferred use of digital media on the car tops, these mediums then become the moving digital billboards atop cars.

The advertising world is gradually waking up to the potential of car top branding. What was once an underutilized advertising space, has now become the go-to option for marketers for promotional purposes. Car top branding has brought a greater scope of branding activities for advertisers. With this, the empty roof of the cars can be used effectively for spreading the messages of the brands. Therefore, car top branding has the capacity to invoke hundreds of thousands of brand impressions per day.

Why should you opt for car top branding?

The advertising services have soared after the advent of digital media. In this scenario, pre-paid cab services are the most suitable option for this kind of OOH advertising. Thus, the passengers and onlookers will be able to enjoy a premium viewing experience with car top branding.

Additionally, car top branding has the advantage of all-day branding, 7 days a week. In this way, the branding of products can go to the remotest corners of the urban places in India. Along with this, car top branding is both an efficient and cost-effective way to promote brands and products.

Besides these benefits, since car top branding is mostly digital, the branding can be pre-programmed. The digital asset communicates with built-in real-time GPS in the cars. As a result, the playback of the media can be pre-planned for geo-targeting preferences. On a similar note, the weather, the time of the day, etc. can also be effectively put to use for media playback. Therefore, car top branding offers programmed and digital services that are unique to transit media and outdoor advertising.

Furthermore, car top branding operates on remote network management. That is to say, the cellular network connected to the digital displays of the cars enable location-wise ad broadcasting. Similarly, through this technology, the content of the media can also be scheduled and programmed. Thus car top branding takes a distinctive approach to OOH branding that redefines advertising through its technological prowess.

So, give your brand a tactical and creative edge by opting for car top branding, the newest brainchild of the evolution of digital OOH technology.

TaxiTop Advertising Rates | Cab Branding Rates in India-

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap100₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500

FAQ’s for Car Advertising services in India –

Car Advertising in India includes utilizing commercial cabs like Ola/Uber cabs to display advertisement on the four external doors or inside car (Backside of the front seats).

MyHoardings provide best rates for various transit media advertising options like Car advertising in India / Cab branding in India. We also provide services like bus advertising, train branding, metro advertising etc. Our card rates are most competitive for branding on Ola and Uber fleet cars. Offer rates for Cab branding services are available in the “Rate and Info” section present HERE.

Minimum order quantity for internal/external car branding campaign in India is 100 cars.

Yes. Prices for both printing and mounting your Ad creative on Ola and Uber cabs advertising is included in the price mentioned HERE.

Yes. Permissions are required for various transit media ads. However, MyHoardings takes care of all car advertising permissions in India for clients.

The material used in transit advertising is a high quality promotional grade vinyl adhesive.

Yes. Advertisement on the cars can be changed with new creatives in between the campaign. However, printing and mounting charges will be extra and this facility is only for campaigns which run for two or more months.

Minimum duration of any Car advertising campaign in India is 30 days.

No. GST charges are extra to the mentioned rates.

Although such chances are unlikely, still in case any damage to ad creative takes place, MyHoardings will ensure to get it replaced within working days. However, any damage due to natural phenomena like thunderstorm / earthquake etc. will not be considered under this commitment.

Yes. In fact, MyHoardings is one of the Pioneer companies who started this new and highly visible transit media for advertising. MyHoardings have provided advertising services to 100+ clients, which includes brands like Reliance, Indigo, HP, Popodax , QuickRide, Narayana Health, Cars24, 24 Mantra, various Universities and many more.

MyHoardings can execute car advertisement campaigns across all major Indian cities. Please contact us at +91 9953-847639 or drop us an email at business [at]