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Benefits Of Advertising On Delhi Bus Shelters

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Bus Shelter Advertisement In Delhi

Are you expanding your business to new localities in Delhi? Do you find the sales of your brand below expectation in certain areas? Are you promoting a new product? Bus Shelter Advertisement In Delhi is your answer for quick results. 

Bus Shelter Advertisement In Delhi

Bus shelters are always crowded in Delhi as in other metros. Buses are an economical way for people to reach different places. The public can find a bus stop close to their homes or offices, while metro stations may be located at a distance. This is what makes buses an ideal choice for a large number of people. 

Bus shelters protect the traveling public from natural elements. Advertising revenue is providing the much-needed money for constructing such shelters. The place provides an excellent opportunity for companies to advertise their products. There are various types of advertisements that can be placed at a bus stop.

Bus Shelter Advertisement In Delhi better Advertisement Platforms?

A Wide Reach

One of the biggest advantages of advertising in bus shelters is that it can give you a reach that few other mediums offer. It covers almost every type of consumer that you can think of. People of all ages use buses. Consumers of almost all products can see the ads placed here. Even pedestrians and those who use other transport can see these ads. 

Targeted Coverage

You can effectively market products meant for any particular group of consumers at bus shelters. Placing the ads in bus stops close to women’s colleges or professional institutions will help sell products meant for them. Brands can target children by placing ads in bus shelters close to schools. The opportunities are almost limitless. 

Location-Wise Focus

Bus shelters allow firms to market their products in selected areas. Local businesses can use bus stops in their areas to promote their business. Companies that are expanding their businesses can target new areas by advertising in bus stops in those localities. Advertising in Delhi’s major shopping areas can bring immediate results as customers remember the brand when they shop. 

Best For New Or Rebranded Products

Bus shelter ads are highly impactful. Placing ads for new products in multiple bus stops can have a powerful impact on road users. Repeated exposure is sure to imprint the message in the minds of people. Most people use the same route for their daily commute. Seeing the ads every day even for a short period can result in excellent brand recall. 

A Cost-Effective Way Of Publicity

Advertising in bus shelters is very cost-effective. You can opt for short-term publicity in a selected few bus stops depending on your requirements. Companies can brand the whole bus shelter or go for placing small boards inside them. This offers excellent flexibility when it comes to the amount that firms will have to spend on ads. 

Wrapping Up

With the introduction of more comfortable buses by the Delhi Transport Corporation, more people are using this economical mode of transport. This increases the value of advertising in bus shelters