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To grow your business, you need to be in constant touch with your customer base. Looking for new customers is the key to expanding your business. This is where advertising media options come in. In a city like Bangalore, where the audience base is expanding daily, the possibilities of brand expansion are immense. Therefore, it is important that you keep marketing your brand to people.

To ace your business game, you need to remarket your brand often. Not only will this let you be in touch with your existing clients but also draw in new clients. To achieve this, there are a few tried and tested hacks of modes of advertising that will inevitably grow your business in Bangalore.

Top Non-Traditional Media ad options in India

S. NoMedia Options
1No Parking Ads
2IT Park Advertising
3Gas Bill Advertising
4Electricity Bill Advertising

The most trustworthy advertising media options in Bangalore:

  1. Bus Branding: The bus transit system in Bangalore is one of the best in the country. Every day thousands of people avail the bus service in the city. As a result, more than 6000 buses are run by BMTC alone. Therefore, the scope of bus branding is immense in Bangalore. The buses run through the length and breadth of the city, therefore guaranteeing at least a thousand brand impressions a day. Additionally, bus branding has the advantage of catching the attention of both the passengers and the onlookers. So, bus branding is, undoubtedly, a failsafe branding solution in Bangalore.
  2. Billboards: If you wish to invest in an advertising media that is known to produce results, go for billboards and hoardings. Since these are age-old advertising media, advertisers and marketers still bank on them to take their brand message far and wide. Just place a few billboards on major traffic crossings in the city, and you can expect to garner thousands of brand impressions just from a single billboard.
  3. IT Park Ads: We all are privy to the fact that people from all over the country move to Bangalore for work. And as the IT sector is the major employment sector in the city, branding in the IT Parks is a great way to spread your brand word. The people working in the IT Parks are the major consumer base in the city. Therefore, to increase brand sales, you need to specifically target this demographic of people. The people working in the IT Parks are majorly the youth of the country. So, IT Park branding is a great way to grow a steady consumer base in Bangalore.
  4. Car Ads: It is no strange fact that cabs in India are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transit among people. Several hundreds of people avail the cabs to go to work or school every day. Hence, cab branding or car branding is an effective way to grow your business in the city. These cabs travel to the corners of the city along with running in the main areas. So, this means car branding is a mobile form of branding in a city. People in Bangalore depend heavily on cabs to ferry them to different parts of the city. Therefore, you can never go wrong with car ads in Bangalore.
  5. Radio Ads: Radio advertising is one mode of advertising that targets people from nearly all walks of life. However, having said that, you can also target niche audiences through radio advertising. Advertising in premium radio channels at a specific time of the day will let concentrate on a niche demographic. Almost 11 FM Stations operate in Bangalore. With prime and non-prime time airing and the choice of radio stations, you can mediate your spending in radio advertising in Bangalore. You can also reach out to just the local people in Bangalore by telecasting your ad in the local language.

Therefore, grow your business by leaps and bounds by designing a branding campaign with the right proportion of advertising media.

Advertising options at IT Tech Parks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai

Media TypeAdvertising OptionsRates (Starting From)
IT Tech Park MediaKiosk SetupINR 25 K / Day
IT Tech Park MediaLift Gate AdsINR 50K / Lift / Month
IT Tech Park MediaWall SignageINR 30K / Month
IT Tech Park MediaCycle Docking StationsINR 90K / Month