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Advertising on Bus Shelters in Mumbai

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In Mumbai, advertising on bus stops and shelters is a potent way to brand outreach. People in Mumbai are heavily dependent on their public transit system for their transportation. In fact, it is seen that over 75% of the people in Mumbai avail of public transit facilities. Therefore, Advertising on Bus Shelters in Mumbai is surely going to spread the message of your brand far and wide. MyHoardings provides you bus shelter advertising at very flexible rates.

People throng at the bus stands of Mumbai in thousands every day. As a result, for ages, local and regional businesses have been using bus shelter advertising as vehicles for advertising. This success story has been carried forward by the national and international brands now as each and every bus shelter is clothed with advertisements. The media research personnel have also affirmed bus shelter advertising is way more effective than larger hoardings in Mumbai. MyHoardings also possess the rights for advertising on Mumbai local trains.

More so, it is not always possible to have access to hoardings and billboards in Mumbai. There are two reasons for this:

  • Firstly, Mumbai is densely packed with advertisements as it is the commercial capital of the country. Therefore, finding an advertising space or slot in the city is a matter of great luck.
  • Secondly, certain areas in the city do not have hoardings and billboards as advertising media options.

Therefore, bus shelter advertising is a more efficient for branding purposes in Mumbai among most other outdoor advertising media options.

Advantages of advertising on bus shelters in Mumbai

There are several advantages of bus shelter advertising in Mumbai. Some of them are:

  • Bus shelter advertising provides great visibility. Pedestrians, passers-by, bus riders, and other passengers stuck in traffic can easily see the ads.
  • Advertisements in bus shelters are seen more than once. People usually take the same route twice everyday for their commute to work, market, schools or colleges. This means that bus shelter advertising has the probability to register more brand impressions.
  • Bus shelter advertising at the prime locations in Mumbai has the benefit to clocking more than thousands of views per day.
  • This media option is one of the most effective ones to target local consumers or a specific demographic of people in Mumbai.
  • Most of the people in Mumbai avail bus transport for their daily commute.

It is quite evident that outdoor advertising like bus shelter advertising is as effective as online advertising in Mumbai. So, give your brand a promising start by choosing bus shelter advertising in Mumbai.