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Advertising at Ranchi Airport

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Want to take your brand’s name to the eastern part of the country? Advertising at Ranchi Airport is one promising way to achieve so. Ranchi airport has both international and national terminals and has a monthly footfall of around 1.75 lakh people. Therefore, you can be assured of gaining a sizeable number of brand impressions for your brand. MyHoardings is the best media option, you can avail for advertising at Ranchi airport.

Media options available for Advertising at Ranchi Airport

Other than Advertising at Ranchi Airport in-flight magazines and newspapers, the airport has quite a number of advertising options. Some of them are:

  • Baggage claim
  • Retails and FNB
  • Boarding gates
  • Security check-in
  • Boarding gates
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Arrival Area
  • Departure Area
  • Lounge area
  • Unipole
  • Standees
  • Trolley advertising
  • Tarmac Coach – interior and exterior, etc.

List of Advertising Options at Airport in India

Airport NameMedia Options Available
Chennai AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, E-ticket
Mumbai AirportConveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Bangalore AirportHoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding
New Delhi Airporthoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding, trolleys advertising
Kolkata AirportBillboards, branding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area
Goa AirportBranding in baggage area, hoardings in check in area, conveyor bill branding

People usually spend a long period of time in airports. They step into the airport at least a couple of hours before the flight time. Therefore, the dwell time in airports for passengers is more than any other transit option. Nowadays, airport branding has been seen with more importance in comparison with other advertising mediums.

At airports, passengers mostly wait in queues. They do not have much to keep them engaged other than the advertisements. Advertisers jump at this chance to take advantage of the longer dwell time of passengers to keep them busy with brandings. Consequently, this turns out to be quite an effective strategy to influence the purchase choices of customers.

However, a few things need to be kept in mind in Advertising at Ranchi Airport.

  • Ideally, more ads should be placed in the departure area than in the arrival area in an airport. This is because people spend time waiting for their flights in the departure area than in the arrival area. So, placing ads at the eye level of passengers is sure to extract much attention from them.
  • You ought to decide the duration of ad placement before booking an advertising slot in the airport. Though booking for a month is mostly the norm, you can also have a one week booking for your advertisement.

So, engage in airport advertising at Ranchi to get your brand noticed among the most influential and affluent people of Eastern India and keep the cash registers flowing with sales.