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Compelling outdoor ad campaigns rings the bell for audience!

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Outdoor ad campaigns in India !!

Outdoor advertising caters to mass audience and therefore the message of the campaign should be such that it binds the target audience as one consumer. The message, creative aspect and the location shall bring together diverse audience and must aim at gaining their interest. With the advent of technology and digital hoardings, the OOH media has become more interactive. The digitization of OOH media has helped the brands to create customized ads that are data driven.

Recent OOH ad campaigns that are making buzz in the town and gaining eye-balls of the commuters include:


Netflix is a popular online streaming channel that offers TV shows, Movie and original video content. For the promotion of its Netflix Original series ‘Sacred Games’, it mounted OOH hoardings of big size in metro cities and gained huge audience attention. The show got popular and garnered high viewership. Now, it is doing the same for a new show ‘Mowgli’ in India.



  • Zomato: The famous food ordering service is going big on outdoor hoardings with catchy lines such as ‘Acche din are finally here‘ and many more. The witty tag lines and bold copy of the hoarding gains instant audience attention. The brand is aiming at promoting the USP’s such as ‘quick delivery’, ‘deals’, ‘mulit-cusine food options’ etc.

  • Amazon: The most popular shopping brand too has indulged in OOH advertising for the promotion of brand’s deals and offers. Amazon has used OOH tactics for the promotion of content like ‘The Great India Sale’, Amazon prime original series ‘Breathe’, ‘Diwali Dhamaka Sale’ and many such ad campaigns.

These famous brands have invested in both digital hoardings and static outdoor hoardings for the very fact that the audience has the craving of new and innovative and OOH media does the same. OOH media is clever, crisp, large and brief. This makes the audience keep the short and productive information with them for longer duration and thus influencing their buying behavior.