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Branding on Mumbai AC Buses

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Bus branding in Mumbai !! AC bus branding in Mumbai. How much it cost to advertise in Mumbai AC buses ? BEST Bus Branding

Tips to push sales through AC bus branding in Mumbai

Mumbai is a hot and humid city, people prefer travelling from vehicles that saves them from scorching heat and also offer them a comfortable ride and this is well ensured by ac- buses of Mumbai. Ac buses might cost a little extra from the regular non- ac buses but the fare is worth it as the ac-buses are super spacious and cool!

Brands are always on the lookout for opportunities where they can get maximum target audience’s attention and the brand message can be delivered effectively.  The same is possible in through Mumbai ac-bus branding as while travelling the travelers are bound to sit in one space for at least 15-45 minutes and the comfort provided by buses put them in a receptive mind zone.

Options for AC bus branding in Mumbai:

  • Inside bus branding: Make the best use of inside space of the bus like seat back posters; handle bars, digital ads on screens etc.
  • Exterior branding: The bands can make use of bus wraps, side panels, t-panel advertising and bus backs o gain maximum eyeballs.
  • Tricks: Brands can offer free samples, live demos and can handout pamphlets to travelers to interact with the consumers directly.

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Mumbai ac-bus branding extends the diaphragm of target audience within one space as the travelers of ac buses are mostly professionals and young workers. This set audience is highly influential as they are decision makers, have high purchasing power and considerable social network to take your brand further.