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Delhi metro Smart Card Branding

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branding on Delhi Metro Smart Card Branding.DMRC Smart Card Advertising in Delhi. Target Delhi Metro commuters via Smart Card Branding

Delhi Metro Smart Card Branding

Delhi metro card is used by commuters who use metro trains on daily basis. The daily travelers mostly belong to working professionals and student class. The use of metro card saves time and money for daily commuters as one does not have to stand in metro token queues for boarding the train. Metro train card is a smart card made of plastic that can be swiped at metro station’s exit and entry gates to board the train. The metro card branding is an innovative medium to tap the traveler’s attention as the card becomes a personal commodity of the commuters and they keep it with them all the time.

Metro card branding benefits:

  • Once issued metro cards remain with the travelers for a long time thus brand reinforcement is done effectively. Every time the commuters use the card he sees the brand ad on regular basis.
  • The ad is placed on the back side of the card, so every time the commuter swipes the card, the ad is visible to the commuter daily.
  • The ad message is precise and clear which is easy for the commuters to retain.
  • Metro card has space only for one brand message; therefore, there is no clutter of ads on one medium. This makes the brand ad more effective and attention grabbing.

MyHoardings Contact Number,Jugnoo Media Private Limited, as BEST advertising agency

The impact of the metro card branding can be realized by the fact that 4, 00,000 cards are issued to various Delhi metro stations every month. MyHoardings offer impactful metro card branding at competitive rates. The agency makes sure that the ad gets maximum commuters attention through creative and practical inputs.