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Consumer Conditioning at Bus Queue Shelters – Bus Advertising

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Bus Advertising – Consumer Conditioning at Bus Queue Shelters

Taking full advantage of the soaring Delhi heat, popular ac brands try to grab target audience’s attention through fancy advertisements at bus queue shelters. Be it Daikin, Hitachi or carrier Midea everyone has picked JCDecaux  to carry their marketing campaign in the right direction.

Relying on the world’s largest outdoor advertising corporation, JCDecaux, these ac brands are aiming at increased sale through bus shelter advertising. These ac brands have used JCDecaux media services in various ways for instance:

  • Carrier Midea and Hitachi, have used OOH media in full throttle for better exposure to target customer this year. Both the brands also used JCDecaux’s City Lights in an appealing way to lure the target audience. Carrier Midea uplifted its ad campaign through 3D innovation and thus impacted the viewers in a positive way.
  • Last year, Daikin, grabbed the attention by using outdoor space for eye-catching advertisements. The planned use of JCDecaux Traffic network,  enhanced the effectiveness of the ad campaign.  Laqshya Solutions, that handles Daikin, used various formats like bqs, vending kiosks, seniors and public utilities to make up the Traffic Network.

Bus Advertising

Olivier Heroguelle, MD, JCDecaus indicated that these ac brands have chosen the JCDecaux media services to reach the masses, to increase brand’s visibility and to establish brand recall. Using JcDecaux’s city lights strategically have helped the brands to register their brands name in the minds of the commuters.

It is very evident that if you are living in Delhi or NCR region, you cannot beat the summer heat without air-conditioners. So, the top ac brands like Daikin, Hitachi and Carrier Midea wish to take full advantage of this situation to turn up their sales through the use of  JCDecaux’s media advertising services. By putting up attractive advertisements on bqs, city lights etc, these brands aim at establish their brands name in the minds of daily commuters.