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Effect of the television advertisements on the society

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Advertisements are capable of attracting people of all age groups.  Though the message communicated through advertisement can be understood by people above 14 years of age, a child aged between 4-6 years tries to sing a jingle.  But that’s the magic of creativity.  Being unaware of the meaning of the words expressed in the advertisement the child tries to enact the actor’s actions and tries to repeat the words in whatever manner they are expressed. Experts feel that “the impact made by an image is more powerful than expressed in terms of words”.

An advertisement on television is audible and visible.  So it is a great challenge to the advertisers to ensure that the advertisement is perfect and conveys the message in the manner it should.  When analyzed globally, the concept of advertising on television started on 1st July 1941 in the US over New York Station. The advertisement was telecasted before the baseball game conducted between the Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers.  But in India, the first advertisement was telecasted on television in 1976.  The advertisement was made for the promotion of Gwalior suitings.  From that time till today, the journey of advertisements continued without looking back.

The cost of advertisements has also increased when compared to yesteryears.  The charges depend on the level of advertising done by the advertiser and the number of times it has to be telecasted. Sometimes, the time of the telecast also affects the cost.

When the effect of television advertisements on society is discussed, one can confidently say that the impact is very strong.  The consent of government departments along with manufacturers of certain products has created a new path in the field of advertising.  The advertisements done will be in the interest of the common public. For instance, the Harpic advertisement on television directly focuses on a common issue of keeping the toilets neat and clean.  Seeing the advertisement, the people are aware of the various ways of keeping their homes hygienic and helping society to be neat and clean.  The 5 best television advertisements from the time the concept is introduced on television are as follows:

  • Amul– Manthan – This commercial can be considered an eye-opener for many people who want to achieve something in life. Even after so many years of its creation, the advertisement remains fresh and new.


  • Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate– Kuch Khas hai….. This commercial picturizes the women playing a cricket match and the stress faced by their fans.



  • Dhara refined oil– This commercial is picturized on a kid who runs from home just because every at home is angry with him. He remembers the sweets made by his mother and returns back to home.  The advertisements promote the quality of the Dhara refined oil.


  • Parachute Hair oil – This commercial is about women and their beautiful hair. The commercial encourages the women to be proud of their hair as it is the best thing God has created and can be maintained well by using quality parachute hair oil.


Conclusion:  The modern concepts of advertising have made the common public think positively.  As the affordability level has increased, people are not hesitating in spending on the right product.  The advertisers must promote the product in such a way the viewer will get clarity regarding the utility of the product rather than wasting time researching the product.

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