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What are the out of home media options suitable for Delhi?

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OOH is popular with the simple concept of promoting products in a place where public floatation is more. Even though there are several OOH media options available, the advertisers have to analyze the necessity,  and then use appropriate media options that will help in promoting the product.  The right option and the right place will lead to the right path to success.  Let us understand what do the following terms mean:

  • Unipole: This consists of a frame that is mounted or fixed on the top of a strong column or steel pole.  The frame consists of a large billboard.  This sort of option is used when the advertisers want the products to be viewed from a far of distance also. The option is worth only when the pole or column is strong enough to withstand the climatic changes like heavy winds.


  • Billboard: This is a board or hoarding fixed on the top of a structure. As advertisements appear bold, they attract a large number of people.  Often, these billboards are placed next to the highways where the moving traffic is more.


  • Bus shelter: When the passengers are waiting for the bus, they get tired due to the climate. A bus shelter is a structure constructed to protect the passengers from sun, rain, and wind.  An advertisement will entertain the waiting passenger.


  • Smart bus shelter: Apart from normal benefits like protection from climatic conditions, this bus shelter provides the passengers with the required information, like route guide, and route bus numbers.  It provides facilities like a mobile phone charging point and WIFI connectivity to the passengers.


  • Cycle shelter: This is a shelter constructed to protect the bicycles from sun, wind, and rain.  In the present day, a cycle shelters are found in railway stations, and bus stations.


  • Metro bridge panel: The latest sensation in communications means is the metro trains. Even though the concept is pretty old, the recent introduction of metro trains has made life easy for many.  The panels of the metro bridge can be used for advertising purposes.  Since the metro bridges are high, they are visible to everyone.


  • Bridge panel: These bridge panels are constructed with steel and then separate parts are connected by corresponding pins. These panels do not need any hardcore heavy equipment to construct them.  It is very easily installed by 5-6 operators.


  • LED screen: The LED screen is a screen that displays various images and can be operated from a remote place. These LED screens are placed everywhere especially, in malls and places where the floatation of people is more. As the image clarity is good, people get attracted and this proves to be a good advertising source.


  • Wall wraps: Wall wrapping refers to filling of empty walls with designs or logos. These wall wraps can be customized and pasted as per the requirement.


  • Metro pillars: The popularity of metro trains has opened main new sources for advertising.  Metro pillar is one of them.  The pillars below the metro bridge are the best spot that attracts the public moving around.


  • Foot over the bridge: These bridges are constructed on the roads to ensure the safe and smooth crossing by the people.  When such bridges are constructed, the flow of the traffic goes uninterrupted.  It is constructed above some height on the road so that the movement of traffic is smooth.


  • Police booth: They are constructed for the policemen. The policemen can sit in the police booth  and monitor the traffic.  Since a police booth is surrounded by traffic and people, advertising on such a police booth will attract good customers.

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