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Top 5 Rural Advertising Companies in India

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Top 5 Rural Marketing Companies in India. Check out rating of prominent rural advertising and marketing companies in India.

Rural Advertising in India is one of the most challenging forms of advertising. Not only do the advertisers have to understand the demand of the particular region but they also have to get the essence of the campaign right. Thus, it is evident that only a few in the advertising world have aced it. This is because the right approach to rural marketing demands the right mix of research and creativity. Additionally, because of the lucrative incentives and the moolah of urban advertising, most of the advertising agencies prefer to concentrate more on urban marketing.

Prominent Rural Advertising Companies in India:

Among the thousands of advertising agencies operating in India, only the following few have redefined rural Advertising and have laid the path for groundbreaking work:

1. Fateh Rural: 

Fateh Rural is one such rural marketing agency that has an integrated, 360-degree approach to rural marketing. The agency organizes multi-channel marketing and sales campaign to touch all points of inventive and emotive rural marketing. Fateh Rural also has features like a multi-lingual call centers and support system for their clients. Along with this, it has facilities like organizing farmer-dealer meetings to have a clear understanding of the product/ service to promote through advertising. It is because of this continued dedicated service and professionalism that the company has won the loyalty of most of the clients.

2. Vritti Group: 

If you want to reap the maximum benefits of rural marketing, the Vritti Group will certainly impress you with its legacy. Vritti iMedia specializes in both rural and urban marketing with tailor-made services for rural marketing. Whether you want to go with the traditional forms of media or executing interactive forms of brand presentation through media options, Vritti iMedia excels in both urban and rural marketing. The Vritti Group has been winning nation-wide accolades for their contribution to the advertising world.

3. Ascent Group India: 

Ascent group India has built renowned expertise in market outreach through advertising. The media group plans strategic steps to make your brand reach the pinnacle of its popularity. The agency runs extensive case studies and surveys to deliver the best rural marketing strategy for your brand. Furthermore, the Ascent Group India has one of the best media strategist teams in the country to help you reach out to millions of rural Indian citizens.

4. Jugnoo Media ( 

Spreading extensively to every corner of the country, this media house has gradually crept up the ladder in the advertising world in the past few years through its services. The media agency has bridged the gap between urban and rural businesses through innovative advertising solutions. Thus, whether you need to advertise your brand in rural areas or want to market rural products in the cities, MyHoardings has your back. Through them, you will be able to have the most effective advertising media options in the most competitive market rates.

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5. GoRural India: 

GoRural India has been giving thousands of brands a defining shape and existence through their continual services. The company undertakes a wholesome approach to brand-building through well-planned and drafted methods. If you wish to take your brand to every nook and corner of rural India, then GoRural India acts as the voice of your brand. The media company takes the image and message of your brand effectively to the heart of our country and pays extra attention to brand detailing. Furthermore, they also engage in an array of outdoor activities to increase the overall impact of your brand.

Top 5 Rural Marketing Companies in India. Check out rating of prominent rural advertising and marketing companies in India.


FAQ’s for Rural Marketing in India

Rural advertisement consist of various brand promotional activities carried out by companies in order to enhance brand awareness and visibility in Indian villages among rural audience.

OOH media options like Mobile van advertising, Kiosk Advertising, Hoardings and Wall painting are used to target rural markets and audience in India.

Rural markets in India, unlike their counterparts in urban  areas are highly difficult to predict, and have specific characteristics and behavior. Financially, the rural population of India is mostly mix of low and medium level varying irregular income and flow of farm income may vary as per the monsoon season.

Rural promotion or brand activation in Indian villages primarily include set of various activities to boost particular brands visibility and awareness in remote village areas in a given geographical location.

In India’s growth story of being a developing nation, villages have played an important role. Overall rural development efforts has reached villages as well and same can be seen in data of average rural household spending. Growing purchase power definitely attract brands to grow their footprints in Indian rural areas.

MyHoardings have capability and expertise to help brands build their rural marketing strategy. With vast experience in brand promotion in rural areas of India, MyHoardings can provide planning expertise and hassle free campaign execution of ad plans and branding in every corner of India.

Despite a long growth story, challenges remain in rural marketing sector in India. Data shows that number of people under the poverty line has not reduced at the planned and expected rates. Along with that, lack of better transport infrastructure, multiple languages and dialects, low income per capita and seasonal low demand clouts rural markets with clouds of uncertainty in India.

Since India rural markets remain uncertain when compared to urban counterparts, performance measurement also remain a challenging task in limited time periods. As far as Rural marketing is concerned, sustained presence in market is the key to perform in Indian villages and performance can only be verified with sales data in hand for ample period.

Yes. As an established rural branding agency in India, MyHoardings help brands to provide end to end services in rural marketing sector in India. We also provide experienced and influential promoters for interactions with villagers who can be beneficial for brands in Kiosk branding and roadshow advertising campaigns in India.

Yes. MyHoardings is growing rural advertising agency in India and multiple brands have chosen to collaborate with MyHoardings to execute their rural branding campaigns in Indian villages.

Products and services can be promoted with static ads like OOH hoardings, wall painting or interactive advertising mode involving promoters using mobile Kiosks or roadshow advertisement.

Wall painting is traditional, popular and impact creating mode of advertisement in rural Indian. Brand promotion in Villages with Wall painting include painting client creatives on available large walls in rural areas of India.

Wall wraps are usually considered as advanced version of wall painting, include large size flex or vinyl stickers pasted on road walls and retail areas in India. Wall wrap is an very economical and cost effective mode of outdoor advertisement and branding in India, especially in rural areas.

Growth story of Indian rural markets in past few decades is a well-known. Will rise in rural economy, increasingly more and more brands plan to increase their presence in Indian villages in order to increase company footprint and enhanced sales.

Roadshow advertising is used to promote a particular company products and services by displaying same on vehicles and carrying vehicle in busy rural areas of India. Usually promoters also accompany the roadshows in order to explain the product details or plans to the rural audience.

Rural advertisement activities vary highly when compared to urban marketing which need separate planning and crafting different messages for different audience groups. Rural advertising is also dependent on the cultural, geographical and social formats of living.