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How can I advertise on any OTT platform?

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Our lives has changed a lot due to the technological change.  The introduction of OTT has mesmerized the common public. The main intension of introducing new innovations is to improvise the video and audio experience for the viewers.  OTT when expanded refers to over-the-top media and is supposed to be a media-related service that is provided to the users through the internet.  VOOT is one such player which is exclusively built to provide excellent video streaming on both mobile and the web.  The quality of video streaming has given it the status of a complete video destination.  This article focuses on various advertising options that are available on an OTT platform.

How should I check the best OTT platform?

When some aspect like OTT platform is successful, many players start implementing it to gain success.  The challenging task arises while choosing the right OTT platform for promotions.  Hence the following tips can be used in selecting the right OTT platform.

  • Video streaming quality: The main purpose of advertising is to attract the public. Therefore, when an advertisement video is streamed, it has to be ensured that it is of the best quality- both content-wise and quality of the video display.
  • Live streaming facilities: The viewer enjoys viewing an app that telecasts videos with uninterrupted connectivity. Internet connectivity with speed helps in viewing videos without any interruption. The choice of such an OTT platform with good internet connectivity will successfully promote the brands also.

What are the advertising options that I can use on the VOOT app?

Like all other apps, even VOOT provides some benefits like advertising options on its app.

  • Videos: This option suits best live TV.  An advertisement can be displayed through video during the commercial breaks during the viewing of the Live TV.  Live TV shows the original events that are happening at that moment.  Live TVs are preferred by the public to view shows like cricket, election polls, or some celebrations happening in some other part of the world.  Ignoring the advertisements becomes impossible when videos are displayed in between such live streaming, and thereby required message is delivered to the user.


  • Banner: When some video is broadcasted, advertisements can be displayed in between those telecasts. A banner is supposed to be an image of an advertisement that is rectangular. It is normally displayed between two separate categories of advertisements.  Normally, such advertisements will have a catchy title with the brand image on it.  When anyone clicks on the image, the link is redirected to the website of the advertiser.


  • Packages: When an impact of a brand has to be made in a big way, the package option suits better.  The banner displayed will be specially designed to serve the purpose and are displayed at prime times of telecast.

Conclusion:  Advertising task involves an investment of funds.  The advertiser has to choose a media that attracts most of the public, else the return on investment on such expenditure will not satisfy the brand progress as well as the advertiser.

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