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JC Decaux and Displayce: The game players become a team with a strategic and futuristic move.

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JcDecaux growth story !!

The world-leader in outdoor advertising, JC Decaux has announced a strategic alliance along with majority stakes in Displayce. Displayce is French start-up operating since 2014. It is a leading DSP (Demand Side Platform) and has over 60,000 screens over 50 countries. The company excels in purchasing and optimizing all the media channels concerning digital out of home advertising.

Displayce is a programmatic platform with ace technology, numerous screens worldwide and expertise in data management owing to its DMP (Data Management Platform) exclusively dedicated to DOOH advertising. The company connects major SSPs (supply side platforms) in digital outdoor advertising and offers custom solutions and formulate data-driven marketing strategies for effective DOOH advertising.

The alliance benefits:

  • Through this alliance, Displayce aims at becoming the benchmark DSP for DOOH advertising.
  • Displayce also aims at extending its presence in European market through its alliance with JC Decaux.
  • JC Decaux on the other hand will benefit by becoming a full-fledge solution where it can offer everything from DSP to SSP to both national and local customers.
  • The alliance will benefit everyone from brands, media agencies and partners. It will ease out the efforts of media buying and help in effective, smart and strategic media planning.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “We are delighted to enter into this alliance with Displayce as we share the same entrepreneurial spirit and to bring our support to Laure Malergue,Marie Gaestel and Hayssam Soueidan in the development of their business model, the enhancement of the customer-experience and simplification of media buying. Displayce is a pioneering and recognised technology platform which has managed to accelerate its programmatic development in DOOH in France and internationally. As the number one outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux has a major role to play to accelerate and facilitate the access to DOOH, the media with the second highest growth after mobile advertising, ensuring its development for advertisers and their agencies. This transaction is part of JCDecaux’s digital transformation strategy. It will strengthen the Group’s technology and programmatic ecosystem, for the benefit of brands, media agencies and partners, in the constant pursuit of impact, efficiency and activation, thanks to the quality and efficiency of DOOH. Autonomous in its operations, Displayce will benefit from the support of JCDecaux, especially for its international development, to become the benchmark DSP open to different DOOH market systems.”