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Mall Advertising in Chennai

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Mall Advertising in Chennai. Kiosk setup, LED display, Shop branding and Signages inside shopping malls of Chennai.

Mall Advertising in Chennai

The southern-most capital city of the country, Chennai is the latest industrial and IT hub of the southern region of India after Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka. The city is the financial, cultural and the educational center of both the state of Tamil Nadu and of the entire south Indian region. The city of Chennai not only excels in the country due to its health and educational services but has also turned into a major employment sector for the youth of the country with its recent development in the Information Technology and in the manufacturing industries. The majority of the revenue of the city is generated through the automobile industry as the city is the haven of a plethora of automobile companies, earning the title of being the ‘Detroit of India’.

Tourism is also one of the strongholds of the state. Chennai has been featured in the elite list of ‘The Top 10 cities in the world’ by the Lonely Planet magazine in the year 2015 and has been included in the list of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) for its exceptional musical lineage and tradition. Evidently, launching a brand campaign in a cultural and a diverse city like Chennai is bound to give your brand the required boost in brand trust and relativity. One of the most effective ways in generating a mass awareness about your brand and spreading a uniform image of the brand in the entire southern region of the country is through mall advertising in Chennai.

Mall Advertising in Chennai. Kiosk setup, LED display, Shop branding and Signages inside shopping malls of Chennai.

Malls in Chennai –

The malls in Chennai are the most popular hang-out spots of the urban population of the city and thus mall branding is a sure shot way of garnering the maximum audience for your brand. In addition to the local population, the city also receives millions of national and international tourists over the years and is the home of thousands of people who have migrated from various towns and cities of the country for academic and professional achievements. Thus investing in the advertising of your brand in a few malls of the city will go a long way in creating the right kind and an ample amount of buzz among the residents as well as the tourists in the city and will also contribute towards paving the way for fostering greater sales from the city along with the southern region of the nation in entireity.

A few media options which could be adopted for campaigning for your brand in the model city of South India are:

  • Backlit Signage: A backlit signage works both ways in aggravating the quirk factor of the mall and in promoting your brand. Furthermore, signages have the advantage of both exterior and indoor advertising, thus catching the eyeballs of both the shoppers and the onlookers from across the street.
  • Drop Down Banners: These banners are the most powerful in making heads turn. Along with gracing an entire side of a mall, these banners add to the overall look of the mall giving the brand the required edge to catch the fancy of people.
  • Standees: Being small and portable, they can be carried around to place them in the most popular positions in the mall.
  • LED Screens: The LED Screens give you the extra independence to show your desired number of ads of your brand and change them periodically without much hassle to be at par with the ongoing trends and events of the city.
  • Flag Poles: One of the oldest and most consistent branding option that has not lost a tinge of sheen in the advertising world is the flag pole. Along with decorating the ways to the entrances and the parking lots of the malls, the flag poles prove to be extremely handy to announce the ongoing sales and the special offers of your brand, thus sowing the seeds of a substantial anticipation and a deep curiosity in the minds of people regarding your product.

Top Mall advertising service provider in India

S. NoMall NameMedia Options
1Lulu International Shopping Mall, KochiAmbient Lit Panel, Pillar Branding, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
2DLF Mall of India, NoidaBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
3Sarath City Capital Mall, HyderabadKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
4Z Square Mall, KanpurKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, UniPole
5World Trade Park Mall, JaipurBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
6Phoenix Marketcity Mall, BangaloreKiosk, Back Lit Panel
7Elante Mall, ChandigarhKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
8Esplanade One Mall, BhubaneswarFront Lit Panel, Paylon, Frisking Booth, Back Lit Signage
9Phoenix Marketcity Mall, ChennaiKiosk,Standee,Digital Screen,Facade,Pillar Branding
10Ambience Mall, DelhiDigital Screen, Lift Branding, Escalator Branding