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Ideal advertising options suitable for UB City Mall, Bengaluru

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Advertising is a medium of entertaining the public and promoting the product/services simultaneously.  The outcome depends on the creative levels of the advertisement. There are several advertising options available and the choice of these options depends on the requirement and the location where it has to be placed.  For instance, if an advertisement has to be placed in a popular mall-like UB City Mall, Bengaluru, not all options are suitable.  Before proceeding with the available advertising options, a focus on UB City Mall, Bengaluru will give a clear picture of the requirement.

UB City Mall is located at Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.  The mall is very popular as it has conducted numerous events, hosted many music festivals, and entertained the public. A fact is that the mall has 19 shopping levels and is spread over 10,00,000 sq. ft. and attracts many advertising agencies to prove their creativity in the mall.

What are the advertising options that can be utilized in UB City Mall, Bengaluru?

As UB City Mall, Bengaluru has proved itself to be an exclusive location for entertainment, the floatation of people is increasing marketing opportunities.  Some of the advertising options that can create potential customers are as follows:

  • Facade advertisements: These are the large-scale advertisements normally placed outside the wall of the mall.  These advertisements attract the attention of the passers-by who are driving beside the mall premises. The usage of visual effects in the advertisement will create wonders. The advertisements related to big brands can be promoted here.
  • Advertising at the entrance: The level of the campaign decides the level of creativity required.  When an advertisement has to create an impact on the viewer, a short video related to the product should be displayed on the digital screen, preferably at the entrance of the mall.  Repeated displays of the advertisement may create interest in the viewers.
  • Parking lot: Every big mall is constructed in such a way that it supports the parking of many vehicles – two-wheelers or four-wheelers.  Anyone visiting the mall has to park his/her vehicle in the respective parking lot.  This rule is made mandatory and is implemented seriously. A person visits the mall to get entertained and will be peaceful if his/her vehicle is safe.  So advertising done in parking lots will attract the person parking his/her vehicle.  This sometimes creates interest in the viewer.  Digital display boards can be placed on the pillars of the parking lot.
  • Events and exhibitions: A product can be promoted by sponsoring and organizing an event or exhibition of the product.  This again attracts the public.
  • Lift door/escalator: This is a good option for pasting small-sized posters.  As the floating public uses the services of the lift and escalator, advertising at such places will create potential customers.
  • Food court advertising: As UB City Mall, Bengaluru is big with 19 shopping levels, people coming to the mall get exhausted visiting all the shops in the mall. So, they have the option of relaxing in the food court corner. Hence, advertising in such a location will attract the viewer’s attention.  Display boards with brand advertisements can be placed in the food court area.

Conclusion: Initial inspection of the mall will help decide the advertising option suitable to promote the product.

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