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Advertising in Corporate Offices in Gurgaon

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Advertising in Corporate Offices in Gurgaon.We have tie-ups in all major software IT parks of Gurugram and Noida.

Advertising in Corporate Offices in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram, is a major technological and financial hub of the northern region of India. Located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the national capital New Delhi, Gurgaon serves as a major city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India and has considerably grown over the years to become the industrial hub of Northern India. The people of the city enjoy the status of generating a per capita income which ranks third highest in the country.

Evidently, the corporate offices in Gurgaon contribute towards generating the majority of the income of the people and thus an advertising tie up with the major corporate offices in the city will go a long way in reaching out to the consumer base of the city. Advertising in the corporate offices in Noida is an efficient way to promote your brand and your business as not only will the local employees be exposed to your brand but also the countless others who have migrated in the city for professional reasons and achievements.

Advertising in Corporate Offices in Gurgaon.We have tie-ups in all major software IT parks of Gurugram and Noida.

Over the years, the city has not only seen an exponential rise in the number of migrations from the rural parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh but also from the other parts of the country as the city has now become a model city housing hundreds of corporate organizations and Multi-National Companies (MNCs). A creative advertising campaign in the corporate offices is therefore bound to create a strong interest in the minds of thousands of employees who spend the substantial part of the day in these offices. In a city like Gurgaon which is the industrial and the corporate center of North India, most of the revenue generated by the city is from the corporate employees.

Brand promotional media options in IT Tech parks –

  • image-1

    Food Court Advertising

    Food Court Advertising

  • image-1

    DOOH Screens

    DOOH Screens

  • image-1

    Cycle Docking Stations

    Cycle Docking Stations

  • Kiosk Setup

    Kiosk Setup

Thus, an artistic and a moving advertising campaign will be successful in building a strong aura for the brand, an initiative which will pave the way for future businesses of your company in the city. Corporate employees in Gurgaon form the core of the consumer market in the NCR at large and will, in due time, become the harbingers of good fortune to your company as their reviews and their word-of-mouth recommendations will eventually help to expand the sales of the company in not only the NCR but in the neighboring states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan as well.

Top Non-Traditional Media ad options in India

S. NoMedia Options
1No Parking Ads
2IT Park Advertising
3Gas Bill Advertising
4Electricity Bill Advertising

You can take the assistance of the following media options to ensure the maximum visibility of your brand in the corporate offices in Gurgaon:

  • Hoardings: These are the most consistent and the age-old media option to win the fancy of people. You can even place multiple hoardings in a single office by putting them in strategic positions to garner the maximum attention, like placing right opposite or next to the office building as part of outdoor advertising or by placing them in lobbies of the offices as indoor branding.
  • Turbo Scrollers: A canteen is the most popular place of a corporate office. Thus, placing turbo scrollers at the dining area is sure to capture the attention of the employees and to initiate conversation among their peers. Turbo scrollers are versatile enough to be placed at any corner in and outside an office from inside the office lawn to at the middle of the lobby.
  • Wall billboards: It is tough to not notice a wall billboard once you are inside an office due to its ginormous size. Therefore, it is wise to grace the walls of the lobby with a billboard to grab the eyeballs of each and every entrant in the particular office building.
  • Kiosks: Maintaining a general kiosk in an office for a few days of the month will be beneficial in attracting the direct attention of the employees. Having display kiosks for your brand will encourage the employees to engage in a one-on-one interaction with the delegates of your company, a move which will eventually lead to the increase in the chances of personal engagement of the employees with your brand.

Advertising options at IT Tech Parks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai

Media TypeAdvertising OptionsRates (Starting From)
IT Tech Park MediaKiosk SetupINR 25 K / Day
IT Tech Park MediaLift Gate AdsINR 50K / Lift / Month
IT Tech Park MediaWall SignageINR 30K / Month
IT Tech Park MediaCycle Docking StationsINR 90K / Month

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Tech Park Advertising consist of showcasing client product/services inside an IT park on spaces where it’s clearly visible and can make a statement to the professionals working there. It consists of media like Signages, Food Court pillars and tables, Cycle docking stations, Parking area, LED screens etc.

Most of Office space branding options with MyHoardings are with Major Indian cities only. We’re in expansion mode.

Signages | Lift Door Ads | Food Court Ads | Cycle Docking Stations | Kiosks | Parking Entrance Ads | Signages. Kiosk advertising, Standee and Lift advertising are most commonly used media’s for Ad campaigns.

Advertising campaign duration in Gurugram depends on media selected. A Kiosk can be booked even for a day, whereas ads on Billboards and Cycle docking stations are booked for minimum of 1 month.

Monitoring services are also provided by MyHoardings to provide Daily / Weekly updates regarding mounted media in IT parks for an additional cost..

Total cost of Office Space Advertising consist of Rentals, Printing, Mounting and Permissions.

List of companies and data regarding number employees working in DLF Cyber Hub offices is available.

Yes. MyHoardings platform provide facility to book and pay online for an Ad Space in IT Parks.

No. Promoters have to be paid additionally. The mentioned priced is ONLY for Kiosk rentals in corporate offices.

Yes we can. Food court Pillars, Wall areas, Tables and Kiosks are available for Ads in Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai IT Tech Parks.

MyHoardings take care of all necessary permissions and NOC’s required for your Ad Campaign.

There are limitations for certain industry Ads for DLF Cyber Hub Tech Park. Call +91 9953-847639 to know more.

Payment is 100 % Advance for first campaign. Recurring Ad bookings are defined with separate criterion.

No. Ad on Cycle docking stations is available in selected IT Parks in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Photos of first and last day of Ad campaign in Tech Parks will be provided to the customers.

It can be shared in case a genuine need is there.

These are the most competitive rates compared to other industry peers. Still there is scope for discussions based on the size and duration of “Ad Booking” order.

Signages are placed at locations with high footfall inside corporate offices, in order to ensure maximum visibility for your advertisement.

Yes. MyHoardings is the leading advertising agency for IT Tech Park advertising services in Gurugram and can help you with professional designing services for your Ad creative for a price.

Yes. Contact +91 995384-7639 or drop your requirement at business [at]

By the end of 2019, the Indian ad industry was close to INR 68K crore and was expected to grow by more than 10% to reach INR 75K crore by the end of 2020 (Figures before COVID-19 pandemic).

Main outdoor advertising formats include –

  1. OOH Hoardings.
  2. Unipoles.
  3. Transit media like Bus, Train, Car Ads, Auto branding etc.

Is Print media on the death bed when we compare it to growing Digital media?

Rural advertisement consist of various brand promotional activities carried out by companies in order to enhance brand awareness and visibility in Indian villages among rural audience.

OOH media options like Mobile van advertising, Kiosk Advertising, Hoardings and Wall painting are used to target rural markets and audience in India.

Rural markets in India, unlike their counterparts in urban  areas are highly difficult to predict, and have specific characteristics and behavior. Financially, the rural population of India is mostly mix of low and medium level varying irregular income and flow of farm income may vary as per the monsoon season.

Rural promotion or brand activation in Indian villages primarily include set of various activities to boost particular brands visibility and awareness in remote village areas in a given geographical location.

In India’s growth story of being a developing nation, villages have played an important role. Overall rural development efforts has reached villages as well and same can be seen in data of average rural household spending. Growing purchase power definitely attract brands to grow their footprints in Indian rural areas.

MyHoardings have capability and expertise to help brands build their rural marketing strategy. With vast experience in brand promotion in rural areas of India, MyHoardings can provide planning expertise and hassle free campaign execution of ad plans and branding in every corner of India.

Despite a long growth story, challenges remain in rural marketing sector in India. Data shows that number of people under the poverty line has not reduced at the planned and expected rates. Along with that, lack of better transport infrastructure, multiple languages and dialects, low income per capita and seasonal low demand clouts rural markets with clouds of uncertainty in India.

Since India rural markets remain uncertain when compared to urban counterparts, performance measurement also remain a challenging task in limited time periods. As far as Rural marketing is concerned, sustained presence in market is the key to perform in Indian villages and performance can only be verified with sales data in hand for ample period.

Yes. As an established rural branding agency in India, MyHoardings help brands to provide end to end services in rural marketing sector in India. We also provide experienced and influential promoters for interactions with villagers who can be beneficial for brands in Kiosk branding and roadshow advertising campaigns in India.

Yes. MyHoardings is growing rural advertising agency in India and multiple brands have chosen to collaborate with MyHoardings to execute their rural branding campaigns in Indian villages.

Products and services can be promoted with static ads like OOH hoardings, wall painting or interactive advertising mode involving promoters using mobile Kiosks or roadshow advertisement.

Wall painting is traditional, popular and impact creating mode of advertisement in rural Indian. Brand promotion in Villages with Wall painting include painting client creatives on available large walls in rural areas of India.

Wall wraps are usually considered as advanced version of wall painting, include large size flex or vinyl stickers pasted on road walls and retail areas in India. Wall wrap is an very economical and cost effective mode of outdoor advertisement and branding in India, especially in rural areas.

Growth story of Indian rural markets in past few decades is a well-known. Will rise in rural economy, increasingly more and more brands plan to increase their presence in Indian villages in order to increase company footprint and enhanced sales.

Roadshow advertising is used to promote a particular company products and services by displaying same on vehicles and carrying vehicle in busy rural areas of India. Usually promoters also accompany the roadshows in order to explain the product details or plans to the rural audience.

Rural advertisement activities vary highly when compared to urban marketing which need separate planning and crafting different messages for different audience groups. Rural advertising is also dependent on the cultural, geographical and social formats of living.

Car Advertising in India includes utilizing commercial cabs like Ola/Uber cabs to display advertisement on the four external doors or inside car (Backside of the front seats).

MyHoardings provide best rates for various transit media advertising options like Car advertising in India / Cab branding in India. We also provide services like bus advertising, train branding, metro advertising etc. Our card rates are most competitive for branding on Ola and Uber fleet cars. Offer rates for Cab branding services are available in the “Rate and Info” section present HERE.

Minimum order quantity for internal/external car branding campaign in India is 100 cars.

Yes. Prices for both printing and mounting your Ad creative on Ola and Uber cabs advertising is included in the price mentioned HERE.

Yes. Permissions are required for various transit media ads. However, MyHoardings takes care of all car advertising permissions in India for clients.

The material used in transit advertising is a high quality promotional grade vinyl adhesive.

Yes. Advertisement on the cars can be changed with new creatives in between the campaign. However, printing and mounting charges will be extra and this facility is only for campaigns which run for two or more months.

Minimum duration of any Car advertising campaign in India is 30 days.

No. GST charges are extra to the mentioned rates.

Although such chances are unlikely, still in case any damage to ad creative takes place, MyHoardings will ensure to get it replaced within working days. However, any damage due to natural phenomena like thunderstorm / earthquake etc. will not be considered under this commitment.

Yes. In fact, MyHoardings is one of the Pioneer companies who started this new and highly visible transit media for advertising. MyHoardings have provided advertising services to 100+ clients, which includes brands like Reliance, Indigo, HP, Popodax , QuickRide, Narayana Health, Cars24, 24 Mantra, various Universities and many more.

MyHoardings can execute car advertisement campaigns across all major Indian cities. Please contact us at +91 9953-847639 or drop us an email at business [at]

Organized retail being the leader in OOH ad spends is followed by Real estate, Jewelers and Hospitals.

Below are the top 5 news portals covering ad, marketing and PR related news.

You may also refer for seasonal industry campaign details.

Most of the outdoor advertising media comes under state government and local municipal bodies invite tenders at regular intervals (1 year, 2 years or more ..) in lieu of license fee.

Top 5 OOH ad agencies include MullenLowe Lintas, HAVAS Worldwide, Publicis, Laqshya group and Bright outdoors.

Presence of lots of illegal media due to corruption and political influence is a constant threat to business run by legitimate media people in India.

The Hyderabad Airport experiences a monthly footfall of around 2.7 lakh passengers.

The Hyderabad Airport caters to the two states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad being the capital city of both. Thus, if you are looking to up your branding game to achieve maximum outreach for your brand, opt for airport advertising at the Hyderabad Airport. A branding campaign at the airport will work wonders to deepen the connection of your brand with the customers in the south-eastern region of India. The Hyderabad Airport caters to the most affluent and the consumer-centric people of the south-eastern region. If you are looking to create a strong brand image and increase the sales of the brand in the southern part of the country, airport advertising at the Hyderabad Airport is a key step in the process.

The creative format of design layout to be shared for airport branding at the Hyderabad Airport is .cdr, .ai or even .pdf.

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum time period for booking an ad space in the Hyderabad Airport is one month.

The Hyderabad Airport has quite a few media branding options for airport advertising:
1. Luggage Trolley Advertising
2. Airport digital screen advertising
3. Conveyor Belts Advertising
4. Security Tray Advertising
5. Wifi Package Advertising
6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
10. Advertising in the Domestic Area of the airport
11. Advertising in the Security Hold Area of the airport
12. Advertising in the Parking Area
13. Lounge Area Advertising
14. Advertising in the outside area of the airport.”

The rate of the airport digital screen advertising is 1250000 INR per month per digital screen at the Hyderabad Airport.

The airport digital screen advertising at the Hyderabad Airport includes FIDS (Flight Information Display Service), ad spaces on the video walls, MA TV (Mother Antenna Television), etc.

Advertising in the parking area at the Hyderabad Airport includes backlit signage placed near the food court, plaza premium lounge, and on the myriad double-sided pole kiosks placed in the parking area of the airport.

” The dimensions of the branding options available in the parking area of the Hyderabad Airport are:
1. 16 ft x 4 ft for the backlit signage; and
2. 2 ft x 3 ft for the pole kiosks.”

In the domestic area of the airport, advertisements can be placed on the wall mount, digital screens, and the Media Square as advertising in the domestic baggage claim and a domestic security hold area.

If you wish to advertise your brand through a video ad in the Security Hold Area of the Hyderabad Airport, the digital screens will play the ad every 60 seconds. Thus, the ad can play 1200 times at the airport.

The size of the digital screens placed in the security area of the Hyderabad Airport is 7 ft by 8 ft.

Yes, the Hyderabad Airport has an international terminal too (otherwise known as the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) with flight services connecting the city to other global cities like Dubai, Doha, Oman, etc.

The international terminal of the Hyderabad Airport has around 50 immigration counters for airport branding.

Yes, the check-in kiosks at the international terminal of the Hyderabad Airport does offer advertising opportunities for brands. There are around 100 check-in desks along with 20 kiosks for self-check in at the airport.

As proof of completion of the ad placements in the Hyderabad Airport, MyHoardings will share with you the pictures of the advertisements successfully put up at the airport within 2 days of the campaign being up and running.

As per the government rules, you are required to pay an additional 18% GST on the charges of the various media branding options should you choose to have an airport advertising campaign at the Hyderabad Airport.

Yes, our experts will assist you in designing an effective airport branding campaign at the Hyderabad Airport that is sure to make the maximum heads turn.

For getting a detailed quotation of the rates of the various media branding options at the Hyderabad Airport, write to us at or call us at (+91) 99538 47639.

In the Hyderabad Airport, the advertisement of a single brand can get around 5 lakh impressions/ views. The impression/ view count is bound to change when ad space is booked by several brands.

An ad space can be booked by 3 brands in the Hyderabad Airport.

Yes, through the media option ‘Banner Display Through Roadblock’, the users can view a video ad of your brand for 5-10 long seconds after they login to the free wifi service of the Hyderabad Airport.

The passengers flying in and out of the Hyderabad Airport mainly comprise people from the middle and upper-middle class. The passenger profile of the Hyderabad Airport belongs to the employees of the IT industry, from public sector units, the working personnel from the small marketing enterprises, entrepreneurs, corporate and MNC employees, tourists, and academicians.

The Hyderabad Airport offers a total number of 6 ad slots in the Security Hold Area for your video ad.

For an airport advertising campaign to be up and functional in the Hyderabad Airport, it takes approximately 3 weeks of time.

For information on the printing and mounting charges applicable for airport branding at the Hyderabad Airport, if applicable, talk to us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

The passenger traffic experienced by the Madurai airport on an average is around 8.5 lakh people per month.

The various media branding options available for airport advertising at the Madurai Airport are:
1. Airport Baggage Trolley Advertising
2. Airport digital screen advertising
3. Conveyor Belts Advertising
4. Security Tray Advertising
5. Wifi Package Advertising
6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
10. Advertising in the waiting/ lounge area of the airport
11. Advertising in the Security Area Hold of the airport
12. Advertising in the outside area of the airport
13. Advertising in the arrival area; and
14. Advertising in the departure area of the Madurai Airport.”

The available options for airport advertising in the lounge area of the Madurai Airport are:
1. Digital Vertical Standees
2. Tabletop Display
3. LCD with Sponsored Content
4. Mobile/ laptop charging stations, etc.”

The average number of flights which fly in and out of the Madurai Airport are 9600 per month.

The lounge of the Madurai Airport has a provision of Airport digital screen advertising. The rates of advertising on one such screen is 31000 INR per screen per month.

To know about the rates of the other media branding options in the Madurai Airport for airport advertising, get in touch with us by calling us at (+91) 99538 47639 or by writing to us at

Yes, there is a lounge facility for the flyers in the Madurai Airport.

Yes, the Madurai Airport does have an international terminal. Besides connecting the city to the other major Indian cities, the airport is also connected to a few other international cities too like Colombo, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

Yes, there is an additional printing and mounting charge in the interior branding of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport which is not included in the rate chart of this media branding option.

“The branding options available in the interior of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport for airport branding are:
1. 25-30 grab handles; and
2. 8 static panels. “

The advertisement of your brand can be wrapped on both the sides of the tarmac coaches including even the windows of the coaches. The advertisement will be in full dispalay for the entire duration of its operation which is 18 hours.

The average monthly footfall of the Bhopal Airport is around 60,000 people.

“The media branding options available for airport advertising in the Bhopal Airport are:

1. Airport Baggage Trolley Advertising
2. Airport digital screen advertising including advertisement in the departure area
3. Conveyor Belts Advertising including the non-lit panel near the belt
4. Security Tray Advertising
5. Wifi Package Advertising
6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
10. Advertising in the concourse area of the airport
11. Advertising in the Security Area Hold of the airport
12. Advertising in the outside area of the airport
13. Advertising in the arrival area
14. Advertising in the check in area of the airport
15. Advertising in the exit gate area of the airport
16. Aerobridge Advertising
17. Advertising in the parking area of the airport
18. Advertising in the lounge area of the airport; and
19. Advertising at the Boarding area of the Bhopal Airport.”

For airport digital screen advertising in the departure area of the Bhopal Airport, the rate is 190,000 INR per screen per month.

The passengers of the Bhopal Airport comprise mostly of people from the upper middle class and the rich families. The airport caters to the businessmen, entrepreneurs, top executives, working personnel from the public sector units, employees from the MNCs and the corporate companies and tourists.

“For advertising your brand in the concourse area of the Bhopal Airport, you have the following media branding options made available to you:
1. Signage
2. Back Lit Boards
3. Digital Scrollers, etc.”

“The branding options available for advertising in the Departure Area of the Bhopal Airport are:
1. Standees
2. Signage
3. Backlit scroller
4. Backlit boards, etc.”

To make your brand visible to the passengers at the Exit Gate of the Bhopal Airport, you can opt for airport advertising in the back lit scrollers placed near the exit gate of the airport.

“The media branding options available for airport advertising in the outside area of the Bhopal Airport are:
1. Unipole
2. Pole Kiosks
3. Product Display
4. Overhead Gantry
5. Hoardings; and
6. Front lit billboards.”

To advertise your brand in the boarding area of the Bhopal Airport, you can book the digital screens placed in the boarding area of the airport.

“The media options available for airport branding in the security hold area of the Bhopal Airport are:
1. Wall Mounts
2. Totems
3. Security Tray Advertising.”

The dimension of the digital screens which are placed in the boarding area of the Bhopal Airport is 5 ft by 3 ft.

“The media branding options made available for branding purposes in the arrival area of the Bhopal Airport are:
1. Back lit boards
2. Pillar signage
3. Back lit panels.”

” The airport branding options available at the Bangalore Airport are:
1. Luggage Trolley Advertising.
2. Advertising in the Departure Area
3. Advertising in the Arrival Area
4. Security Hold Area advertising
5. Airport Security Tray Advertising
6. Conveyor Belts Advertising
7. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Times of India
8. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Economic Times
9. Advertising in the exterior of the tarmac coaches
10. Advertising in the interior of the tarmac coaches
11. Airport digital screen advertising
12. Lounge Advertising
13. Advertising in the outside area of the airport; and
14. Aerobridge Advertising.”

MyHoardings has kept the rate of luggage trolley advertising in the Bangalore Airport at 850 INR per trolley per month.

The airport baggage trolley advertising at the Bangalore Airport has the provisions of pasting the advertisement of the brand on the three sides of the trolley.

The exterior portion of the tarmac coach will be wrapped entirely with the brand’s advertisement. The advertisement will be wrapped on both sides and will be visible to the eyes of the passengers for 18 hours a day. The windows of the bus too might have the brand’s advertisement pasted on them.

Yes, you have to pay the required 18% GST along with the cost of the ad space in the airport.

The Bangalore Airport has made the Times of India and the Economic Times available for newspaper sticker advertising.

The Bangalore Airport sees the footfall of around 1.6 million people on a monthly basis.

The Bangalore Airport handles thick air traffic as the airport caters to over 12,000 flights each month with the number only on the increase.

Yes, the Bangalore Airport has one international terminal with the construction of another terminal currently underway.

Apart form the rich and the affluent families, the Bangalore Airport is mainly accessed by the people from the middle class and the upper middle-class background. The airport is primarily thronged by the youth of the country with people flying in from all corners of India to work in the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Thus, mostly, employees of corporates and MNCs, top executives, entrepreneurs, corporate working personnel, students, businessmen, professionals from the Public Sector Units and their families fly in and out of the Bangalore Airport along with tourists. These people mostly constitute the consumer section of the society and thus, an effective airport branding campaign is sure to bring them under the influence of your brand.

“The media branding options available for airport advertising in the Jaipur Airport are:
1. Airport Baggage Trolley Advertising
2. Airport digital screen advertising
3. Conveyor Belts Advertising
4. Security Tray Advertising
5. Wifi Package Advertising
6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
10. Advertising in the Domestic Area of the airport
11. Advertising in the Security Hold Area of the airport
12. Advertising in the outside area of the airport
13. Advertising in the arrival area
14. Advertising in the departure area.”

Of late, Vadodara has emerged as a major industrial and economic centre of Gujarat. Hence, the city is now flooded with entrepreneurs and employees from all over the country. The number of air passengers to and from the city is only on the rise, comprising mainly of entrepreneurs, top executives, corporate professionals, working professionals from the middle and the upper middle-class families, etc. The Vadodara Airport also caters to tourists, businessmen, affluent families, corporate professionals, famous personalities, people from creative professions, etc. The statistics show that the majority of flyers in the Vadodara Airport constitute the youth populace of the country from the age group of 20-35 who are the most preferred target audience of a brand as they are the primary consumers in the economic market.

The rate of luggage trolley advertising in the Vadodara Airport is 930 INR per trolley per month.

The charges for conveyor belt advertising will be calculated per square foot in the Vadodara Airport.

Approximately around 7300 flights fly in and out of the Vadodara Airport per month.

The preferred format of the design layout of the advertisement in the Vadodara Airport is .cdr.

Though majorly a domestic airport, recently international terminal of the Vadodara Airport has been inaugurated which has 18 check in counters and the capacity of handling 700 passengers at a single time (500 domestic and 200 international).

The lead time for luggage trolley advertising in the Vadodara Airport is 1 week.

The usual time duration for booking an advertisement space in the Vadodara Airport is 1 month unless otherwise stated. However, there are other packages available too for bulk booking in the Vadodara Airport.

For luggage trolley advertising, the dimensions of the advertisement to be pasted on the three sides of the luggage trolleys are determined after the airport branding campaign is confirmed from the client’s end.

All forms of advertising which is carried out outdoors, eg. Outdoor Hoardings, outdoor billboards, various Transit media advertising like Bus Branding, Train advertising, Car branding, Pole kiosk advertising, Gantry Ads etc. comes under category of “Outdoor Advertising”.

Outdoor Hoardings in India are considered as Traditional form of Advertising which is highly relevant in today’s times as well. Other options of outdoor advertisement in India are Transit Media, Tech Park Ads, and Bus Shelters etc.

Hoardings are big size display boards which you often see on the roadside. Hoardings provide ad spaces to advertisers to showcase their products and services and are usually owned by Private players, Government Municipal bodies, various corporates etc.

No. There are many illegal Hoardings that have come up in Indian cities. Government Municipal corporations continuously work to address the menace of illegal Hoardings in order to safeguard the interests of genuine media owners who pays legitimate taxes to the government.

Prices of hoardings in India are decided by location, size, lit/non-lit, number of footfalls in vicinity or the traffic etc. is a platform that gives you the facility to check the prices of the Hoardings in India, location of the Hoardings, the size and the type of Billboard before booking them online. Please contact us at + 91 9953-847639 to check the availability of the India Hoardings you have selected. will provide you campaign start and end date images. We also provide paid monitoring service in case client need continuous monitoring of the Outdoor Media on display.

Average cost of advertising on Hoardings depends on many parameters like, the locality of the Hoardings, Size of the Billboard, whether it is Lit or Non-Lit, the time of year when the ad has to be placed. Usually rates are high during festive season when various brands have more marketing budget to improve their sales figures.

It again depends on various factors. Usually average size Hoardings are booked for a normal period of one month however there are Billboard sites which are located on very premium locations and come up with a very huge amount for advertising, are also available to be booked for single one day, weekly etc.

Lit hoardings are the ones which are illuminated by electricity during late evening and night hours so that they are visible to people who you see them during night as well. Non-Lit hoardings on the other hand are the ones which have good visibility only during the day, but don’t provide much impact during the night it in absence of electricity.

Front Lit Hoardings are illuminated using bulbs/LED that are placed in front of the Billboard and flashes light on the Hoarding, However in case of backlit Hoardings the source of light is behind the Hoarding rather than in front.

Total rental comprises of Rental + Printing + Mounting + Taxes (Monitoring Extra). The rentals for hoarding in India are subject to changes depending on various factors. We encourage you to contact MyHoardings at +91 995384-7639 or drop us an email at business [at] to confirm final rates. will be happy to be your End-to-End advertisement partner in India .We take care from designing to printing to mounting of billboards. For complete services, we want to ensure your ad campaign goes live without any glitches and provide you the maximum ROI for your investments on marketing.

Usually a single Hoarding can also be booked for advertising purposes.

In case of natural disasters when the ad on display Hoardings get damaged, Client have to bear printing and mounting charges and “Advertisement” can be displayed for the booked space until rental period ends, without any issues.

Yes. The ad creative can be changed while the campaign is live. However printing and mounting charges has to be additionally borne by the client for the same. Minimum campaign duration in such cases is 1 month.

MyHoardings provide end to end brand promotion services in India ranging from Target audience identification to Media planningMedia Buying and Media selection to campaign execution and monitoring services to report submission.

The success of influencer marketing is so much more than financial gains and sales drives. The brands can grow in multiple ways if they reach out to social media influencers for branding. For instance, new brand faces and ambassadors, greater brand awareness and outreach, pocket-friendly marketing campaign, production of engaging and relatable content, and SEO boost are a few of the most common outcomes of an influencer marketing campaign.

Influencers are real people with whom the audiences strongly engage and relate. Therefore, when influencers sponsor the brands, they can achieve brand relativity among them. Rather than endorsing the brand blankly, influencers review the brand, share their opinion, and create engaging content for people. Consequently, people find these types of sponsored content way more enlightening than TV ads.

Viewers related more to sponsored content by influencers than brand endorsements by celebrities as the influencers are relatable people. People see the influencers as real-life people than stars which induces a certain degree of trust between the viewers and influencers. Also, as influencers interact with their followers so people find them way more approachable than celebrities.

Influencer marketing campaigns reach out to the respective followers of influencers who mostly are present on various social media platforms. Therefore, you can reach out to mainly the youth of the country with influencer marketing campaigns. So, the Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z people are the usual followers of influencers across various social media channels.

Social media influencers generally charge money for brand deals. Very few agree for compensation with brand products and services. Brand products are usually sent to the influencers so that they can review them and create content accordingly. Since influencers run their businesses through social media, it is only appropriate to pay them for their time and efforts.

Each influencer has their follower base on a specific social media platform. So, not all brand content makes it through all social media channels. For instance, if an influencer is more famous on Instagram, they will likely post the ad on Instagram. However, they may mention the ad on their other social media platforms as well. To know which influencer resonates more on which social media channel, you can visit

Yes. Surely, influencer campaigns can be run as part of larger audience outreach. It is proven that running an influencer campaign in tandem with other digital marketing programs has increased the audience response and sales manifold. You can reach out to us to learn more about integrated marketing campaigns.

Launching an influencer marketing campaign requires quite a lot of preparations. Along with initial research, you need to make sure that you reach out to the right influencer for producing relatable content and consequently, bigger outreach. However, this can be a time-taking process. So, you can hire experts who will find the right kind of influencers who will the right find your brand. MyHoardings provides affordable rates in influencer branding. You can reach out to us at (+91) 99538-47639.

There are two ways of getting started with influencer marketing – you can either do it yourself or hire an advertising agency to take care of the deal. However, most of the brands go for third-party advertising agencies to cut downtime and clutter, thus saving money in the process. To know more about influencer marketing in detail, you can write to us at

Since there are three types of influencer marketing campaigns, prices vary. Costs are usually the least for hiring micro-influencers, in the medium range for macro-influencers and the highest for celebrity influencers. To get a detailed rate chart of all the influencers, you can log in to our website at

Influencer marketing is a strong and effective digital marketing tool. Followers usually swear by the opinions of the influencers. As a result, influencer advertising has steadily outperformed other media options like banner ads. Smaller brands, therefore, find great reliability in influencer advertising. Also, influencer marketing is a low-risk option of investing in advertising as it produces guaranteed results.

Influencers can be approached for advertising all kinds of brands. For instance, beauty products, cosmetics, feminine care, retail, health & wellness, etc. are a few brand types that reach out to influencers.

Yes, usually the tech Influencers are provided the newly launched products which they use, analyze and provide their supportive inputs on their social media platforms.

Nano influencers have usually less than 1K followers. Individually they have limited but targeted influence, however when services from multiple nano influencers are utilized in any particular campaign, they produce an impactful buzz on social media and can prove to be highly efficient in very limited budgets.

In addition to the size of the audience, various Influencers can be categorized based on their expertise and type of audiences. Broad categories can be Lifestyle influencers, Health and Beauty influencers, Tech influencers, Sports influencers, Travel influencers, Food influencers, etc.

No. Celebrity endorsements are different from ‘influencer marketing’ as influencers have smaller audience outreach than celebrities. These people have the largest number of followers and are famous people in their respective fields. On the other hand, brand association with celebrities adds to the brand value and brand image. Influencers mainly target a niche audience with their content whereas celebrities reach out to a much wide audience base.

These kinds of influencers have a greater number of followers than micro-influencers. As a result, they are hired by brands specifically for their high follower count.

These influencers have fewer but loyal followers on social media. They usually charge less for campaigns. Therefore, brands engage several micro-influencers to achieve maximum outreach and generate brand engagement.

Usually for the average banner ad format, a CPM of INR 60 – INR 100 is sufficient. Whereas average CPM for Interstitial ad format may start from INR 250. Also for Video ad formats CPM of INR 200 can be considered sufficient.

Interstitial digital advertising includes digital ads that are interactive and full-screen ads that may cover the partial/full interface of the host app or website. Usually, this kind of ad appears between content, so that they get placed at natural breaks or transition points like in between various activities/game levels in gaming apps.

Normally, Google charges 30% of the entire revenue made on a particular Android app and passes on the rest 70% to the mobile app developers.

In-app mobile ad rates may vary largely depending on different parameters including ad types, placement where the ad is run, existing revenue-sharing agreement in place, target audience, campaign goals, and revenue model, or sometimes just brand recall, etc. Various costing models include – CPM, which stands for Cost Per Mille, Cost per click (CPC) & CPA which stands for cost per action/cost per acquisition.

CPM / Cost Per Mille is the rate which the advertiser decides to pay per 1000 impressions of an ad campaign. Whereas, eCPM is the total earning of the publisher/1000 impressions. eCPM is a very useful parameter for publishers to optimize and evaluate their monetization model by monitoring advertisement revenue generated from the ad campaigns.

For mobile devices – 320*480 pixels (Most popular size) and 480*320 size interstitial ads perform quite well compared to other ad dimensions. However, for tablets – 1024*768 and 768*1024 size interstitial ads perform quite well.