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Mall Culture brings up new branding opportunities

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Mall Culture brings up new branding opportunities!

The need of a place where people can eat, shop, watch movies and get entertained gave rise to the mall culture in urban areas. Malls have become so popular that their presence in any town or city is marked as a development milestone. The culture is slowly penetrating the rural areas as well. Malls have opened a whole lot of opportunities for brands to promote themselves and get the desired audience’s attention. Malls are usually divided in floors with each floor having different brand outlets.

Malls have segregated shopping area, food area, entertainment area and cinema area. This division gives advertisers an opportunity to target different segment of audience present underneath one big roof. The best areas to get complete audience attention present in the mall:

  • Food Court/area: Most of the malls have food areas on top floor. The food court comprises of different food outlets serving different cuisines in one big space. The place has comfortable sitting arrangement. The food court might also include popular restaurant chains operating on the same floor. Branding in food court offers guaranteed audience attention as people who come to dine at the food court spend at least one hour in ordering and eating food. This dwell time can be utilised by brands to interact with the consumers. The food court contributes to 8-10% of total mall revenue.

Modes of advertising at food court:

  • Large size LED Screens
  • Table top ad mats and stickers
  • Entrance gate branding/ cash counter branding


  • Cinema area branding: Malls also have multi-screen movie theatres, that play at least 4 movies at one time, this also contributes to any mall’s growing footfall. Brands can also use the cinema space as well as cinema screen for branding purposes. The branding opportunities in cinema space include:
  • Video advertising before the beginning of the movie
  • Banner and static ads during interval time
  • Signage and digital screens in lobby area
  • Posters and washroom ads


  • Open Space Branding: Malls are very spacious, neat and well organised. An eye-catching brand message will definitely grab visitor’s attention while surfing the mall. During weekends when the mall’s foot fall is highest, open space branding plays vital role in fetching mall visitor’s attention.
  • Roof hangings
  • Digital hoardings
  • Brand kiosks
  • Free sample distribution
  • Live demos
  • Events and contests organised by brands.

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