Sat. Jul 11th, 2020


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The never dying fate of traditional advertising media!

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The never dying fate of traditional advertising media!

One might believe that in the era of digitization, custom advertising and data driven targeting, the traditional media exclusively television, print and radio might lose power and become history. But the truth is that the traditional media is still a credible and measurable source of reaching both rural and urban audience of India. It will never be left out when planning media mix for impactful advertising campaigns.

What makes traditional media an evergreen advertising medium?


  • Part of the landscape: Every home has at least one TV set. They have become a part of any home’s interior landscape and therefore it stands as a medium that is available to mass audience in India.
  • Routine viewing: TV is viewed by audience in a set routine. For instance, female homemakers have a routine of watching daily soaps, the office goer males watch news and other recreational channels after office hours and kids watch it after school time.
  • Video is video: Be it on smart phone, laptop or TV, the content will have the same impact; the only thing that matters is how engaging and relevant the content is for the viewers.


  • Presence: Print medium came in even before TV and has a deep rooted presence in the Indian society. It is an object that is dropped at every home early in the morning with information about the nation. Newspaper advertising makes sense because the advertised products and services are both local and global.
  • Tangibility: The fact that one has the hard copy of the advertisement makes it more useful means of creating brand awareness. For instance, food menu pamphlets are often distributed along with main newspaper when there is a new outlet opening in the city. This helps the potentials consumers to reach the brand easily.
  • Credibility: You must have heard people saying ‘it was in the papers’, this notion comes from the opinion that newspapers is a very credible source of information.


  • Travellers’ delight: With the arrival of numerous private radio channels, radios have gained huge popularity among young adults. People who travel on daily basis for work consider radio as a medium of entertainment to easily pass their travel time.
  • Plays with imagination: This is the only medium where you can hear everything and create pictures on your own. Therefore, this medium offers interactivity with listeners on their imagination level. They will build images and impressions of brands and products on the basis of their psychographics more than practical approach.
  • Smartphone compatible: Every smart phone has an inbuilt radio app, which makes this medium easily approachable to masses.


Traditional advertising will never fail to disappoint the brands when it comes to building mass brand awareness and enhancing brand credibility. As they say old is gold; print, radio and television will always remain the trustworthy mediums of advertising.