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Malls and advertising go hand in hand!

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Malls and advertising go hand in hand!

The mall concept became popular in a developing country like India, as it offered shopping outlets, entertainment outlets and eating outlets under one big roof. People visit malls on weekends to hang out with family and friends, to do some shopping and have some good time. For visitors malls is a place for relaxing and having fun while for advertisers it the place to fetch the attention of the audience when they are in a receptive state of mind.

Mall advertising is becoming very popular for the following reasons:

  • On spot offers: The brands present in the malls implement on spot offers that attract the audience instantly. For instance, a fashion brands often put up posters of ‘luck draw’, ‘buy one get one’ or ‘50% off on first purchase’ etc.
  • Brand events: Malls offer big spaces and brand tend to use them to display their product or to spread awareness about their product by hosting small events inside the mall itself. For instance, make-up brand ‘MAC’ set up ‘make-over kiosks’ where anyone can walk in and ask for a free makeover. Through this customer gets to know about the quality of the product by experiencing it instantly.
  • Product displays: The brands make their presence feel by showcasing their products inside the mall. For instance luxury bike brands ‘Harley Davidson’ showcase their bikes by putting then on display inside the malls. The product displays, help the interested audience to know about the features and price of the product that might influence their buying decision.

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New tricks to fetch audience’s attention:

Advertisers are implementing new tricks to grab the attention of the target audience. Some new trends in mall advertising include:

  • LED Screens: Big LED screens are being used to catch the audience’s attention while they shop or eat at the malls. The ideal time of roaming around the malls is turned into fruitful one by engaging the on-lookers to the ads that are being played on the digital screens deployed at the mall centre.
  • Roof hangings: Oversized roof hangings inevitably attract eye-balls. When you see something big that is hung from roof top to the mall centre, it cannot be left ignored. Audience tend to notice it and read the crisp and clear brand message displayed on the roof hangings.
  • Photo-booths: The latest in the mall advertising is creating photo booths for the mall visitors. Brands engage the audience by creating colourful, funky and decorative photo stands where people can click pictures without any restrictions or additional costs.

Mall culture have become very popular over the years and even small cities are building malls to offer people place where they can shop, watch movies and eat with their family without having to move out of the city to spend quality time with their family and friends. For best rates of mall advertising contact MYHOARDINGS. The outdoor advertising company has its expertise in mall advertising and have handled mall promotion in various major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc.

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