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IS electronic outdoor advertising, the next big thing?

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IS electronic outdoor advertising, the next big thing?

It is the human nature to question the new. People are often skeptical about the success or failure of any new technology or lifestyle change and hence reject it in the first go. Twenty years back, who would have thought that the world will be taken over by smart phones and everything would be accessible at the touch of the fingertips, but that stands true today. Similarly, at present only a few have realized that the digitization of billboards will be a phenomenon in the years to come.

What is electronic outdoor advertising?

Electronic or digital outdoor advertising is combining traditional advertising to modern technology. The static hoardings and billboards are turned into big size screens with moving visuals and engaging messages that fetch the attention of the audience while they travel. The digital screens are an edge over traditional hoardings because of the following reason:

  • Uniqueness attracts instant attention: As digital outdoor advertising is new and less popular in India, people tend to notice them easily and pay more attention to them in comparison to traditional outdoor advertising that is common. The uniqueness of the medium helps the brands to put across their message effectively.
  • Captivating: The animations, vivid colors, creative visuals and crisp message are all packed in one digital screen that entices the passersby and make them notice the brand message.
  • Easy customization: Digital screens might sound expensive but they are actually a better investment than the static outdoor advertising as the digital screens can be easily customized. The ads displayed on the screens can be changed easily within a matter of few hours which is not possible with the static outdoor advertising. One can gain full benefit of this feature by playing different ads at different time of the day to target specific audience. For instance, a fashion brand like ‘Shoppers Stop’ can display its promotional ads on regular days which can be changed into sale offers ads during ‘winter sale season’.
  • Easy Access: The digital screens can be controlled remotely through Wi-Fi connection. Advertisers can have full control of the content which also makes it easy to measure the impact of a various ads played on the same screen.

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Why digital outdoor advertising less used in India?

Although digitization of outdoor advertising is gaining pace slowly and steadily but there are few apprehensions that refrain the advertisers from using them rigorously.

  • Air quality: The hazy and dusty air of metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai comes in the way of sharp and vivid display of the digital screens. The visual impact is compromised as the display is not as clear as it should be.
  • Expensive: Digital outdoor advertising is expensive in comparison to traditional hoardings and billboards as it incurs the cost of digital screen and light. The availability of cheaper option refrain the advertisers to opt for digital outdoor advertising.
  • Technological constraints: As digital outdoor advertising is a fresh concept, proper technology and manpower to operate the same is unavailable.

Cumming back to the question of whether digital outdoor advertising is the next big thing? Yes! It surely is. For advertisers are constantly looking for new ways and methods to grab the audience’s attention, in near future, the traditional hoardings will be replaced by the digital screens and the phenomena has already started in  few metro cities and will soon be an epidemic.

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