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“No Hoardings” Move in Bangalore by BBMP !!

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BBMP Faced a Hostile Reaction for “No Hoardings” Move in Bangalore !!

Imagine the city free of hoarding advertisements? Tough enough! But the same is proposed by the BBMP to ban the all kinds of hoardings in the city. The resolution for it has been passed for one year to make the city aesthetic and clutter free. Though it will make the city free from big advertising boards and OOH hoardings but the potential loss of 9 crores or more will bring a big storm to the state revenues.

Keeping this decision aside, BBMP had already drafted an ‘Advertisement by-law’ policy in 2006 but the officials couldn’t implement it properly. The draft divided the city into four advertising zones with the specific size and use of hoardings. The draft contains:

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Zone A: Vidhana Soudha and Raj Bhavan are in Zone ‘A’ and the same are considered as ‘no hoarding’ zones. So, any hoarding is not allowed to hang in A zonal areas.

Zone B: Hoarding with the size of 12by24 Feet and 15by30feet from the ground level can only be erected in B zonal areas.

Zone C: Hoarding with the size of 20by40 Feet from the ground level can only be erected in C zonal areas.

Zone D: The zone contains mostly newly added areas of the city and there is no restriction on the height of the hoardings advertisements, but the ads should be in at least 30 meters from the circle.

Under the pressure of powerful officers and politicians, Advertising Agency ads are even displayed in no hoarding zones. Not only the proposed draft was demotivated by the intense anger of high court but also the current resolution of no hoarding for one year has been challenged on the grounds of dramatic loss of 9 crores plus. If the decision continues to implement, it will keep the BBMP under flake for a long time.

Keep watching the next move of BBMP !! for “No Hoardings in Bangalore” campaign.

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